How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster

You got a pixie cut that now you regret. You are tired of your mane being no longer than a mere bob. You have your wedding coming up and you want to make a specific style. Or you are simply tired of your look and want your hair to grow out.

No matter what your reason for growing the hair out is, many people face the problem that their hair won’t grow fast enough to past shoulder length.

Whereas there are many reasons for this problem, including genetics, your diet, any nutrient deficient, meriting then consultation with Skin Specialists in Islamabad, you can also try different natural remedies to improve your hair growth.

Growing your hair faster


You are what you eat, and so are your hair. As your body needs nutrients to encourage hair growth, lack thereof then leads to there not being enough resources to stimulate hair growth.

So, make sure that you are not suffering from nutrient deficiency. Some nutrients to be especially diligent about consuming include iron, zinc, vitamin A, vitamin C, proteins, and vitamin B.

You can easily find these nutrients in fruits, vegetables especially green leafy vegetables, eggs etc. Also, try to eat meat and leafy vegetables to ensure that you have adequate iron and protein. Omega-3 fatty acids found in nuts and fatty fish are also great for encouraging hair growth. 

Similarly, avoid going on restrictive diets that discourage healthy eating. These diets may lead to nutrient deficiencies that manifest in the form of issues around the body, including lack of hair growth and even hair loss as well.

Essential oils

Some essential oils also have the ability to boost hair growth. One such oil is peppermint essential oil, that helps in improving blood flow to the region of application, and thus encourages hair growth.

Likewise, Rosemary essential oil can also be of help. It has been shown to be as effective as minoxidil at encouraging hair growth. Lavender essential oil can also help with hair growth.

However, make sure that you do not use essential oils directly, but rather first put a few drops in a carrier oil like coconut, almond, or olive oil, and then massage the scalp.

Also, as you massage on the scalp, it also encourages blood flow to the area, which is also effective in encouraging hair growth.

Heat application

Using heating tools like straighteners and curling rod can damage your hair, which can then fall off as a result. So, try to minimize their usage, or at least use hair protectant before.


Even though cutting your precious hair might not be something you are convinced of, but it is important to get rid of split ends. Overtime, without the ends being trimmed, there is a higher chance of getting split ends, in which your hair then exerts energy in completely unproductive ways.

So, try to get regular trims. Just have your hairdresser cut on a few centimeters and nothing major.


As massages encourage blood flow to the head, they help in making the hair stronger, and thus prevent their breakage. Stronger hair is also less likely to become damaged as well.

Furthermore, massages also aid in distressing, which is an added bonus. All it requires is around 5 minutes of commitment.

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Your hair needs nutrients to grow. There are several nutrients that help with hair growth, including zinc, vitamin b3, vitamin C, and biotin. While ideally, you should be sourcing your nutrients from your diet, however, it may not always be possible to meet the needs through the dietary route.

This is where the supplements come in. They are packed with nutrients that are required for better hair and skin growth, in higher –albeit safer –concentrations for a better result.

You can thus consult the Best Dermatologist in Lahore for the recommendation and prescription of hair supplements.