How to Cornrow Braid Style?

The Cornrow Braid hairstyle is perfect for summer, especially when you’re sweating and you don’t want to deal with your hair. Your scalp gets to breathe, and your neck can breathe too

if you just pin it up.  But this is perfect if you have short hair, long hair.

How to Make Cornrow Braid Style

I’m going to show you how to braid the extension in, and you’re going to get a nice arm workout while you’re at it. But anyways, let me break it down for you, okay?  You’ll need some tools. So let’s get into it.  You’re going to need a few products Hair for braiding. You can use Kanekalon,

which is a synthetic hair. You’re need two packs of these.

You can also use specifically edge control Comb.  You can also use your regular comb or a rat-tail comb. Two mirrors, because you’re going to need to see the back of your head to see what you’re doing and either hair ties or clips. Also, a little tip: When you have your hair extensions,

I suggest dividing the sections first. You don’t want to do this when you’re braiding, because your arms are going to be all sore and stressed out.

However go ahead and section these off and hang it in places that you can easily grab to add to your hair.  You need to start on freshly cleaned hair. You need to get super clean hair for doing this job. You want to get into the scalp, because you are going to be rocking these braids

for a little bit, and a little tip is to not use conditioner, because when you condition the hair it makes it soft, and I find that the hair slips out of the braid.

Then you need to section your hair into two even sections down the middle.  You can go for two. You can also go for six. Six is actually a good number, but I went with eight. This is why I say use clean hair, because clearly I didn’t scrub hard enough.

You can section your hair into hair ties. I’m using my edge control, especially in the front.

And then I’m going to pick up my own hair with the synthetic hair. So you need to know how to braid first. You can add your hair to the synthetic hair,picking up as I go along with you index finger.

You can use white synthetic hair, you can wrapp the synthetic hair around my hair. You can use your index finger and pick up some of your hair into the hair extension. So now you have some black and some white. And that’s what holds the hair onto your head, by adding you hair onto the extension. That’s the difference between singles and cornrows.

These are rows of corn in the corn fields hence, cornrows but again, you can just picking up, adding you hair with you index finger and pulling up and around.

You can go ahead and add extension. You can place it with you pinkie finger, and can wrapping it around with you own hair.  And when you add the synthetic hair, just make sure it’s really tight so it doesn’t loop.

If it’s loose, the hair will stick up. The loop will lift. You want the loop to stay down.

So now going back to real time where you don’t have that white hair, although you can use different color synthetic hairs. So you don’t see that much of the flaws by adding hair that’s the same color as your own.  And this is a workout and a half for those arms.

So again, just adding and making you way down, picking up hair as I you go for previous cornrows.  You’re basically going to do the same thing many more times for the braids that you have. Again, you can go for eight. If you can’t make this then you can use Braided lace wig for this style.

Braiding Tip

  • Make smaller sections of hair extension and added those to the front. And got thicker from the front of the braid to the back, and that will gave it more of a real look, because it’s going from thin to thick versus having a really chunky extension right off the top.
  • Also, It is easier to braid when you my hairs damp. So you will just go ahead and dampened you hair with some water. Now, this process took you an hour, possibly a little bit more. It will probably take you longer. And here again, you can add synthetic hair on the piece that doesn’t have hair. So if you notice that one of your hair doesn’t have an extension in it, go ahead and add synthetic hair to that.
  • With the sections of hair, you want to gauge it. You can use half, a quarter of an inch, half an inch of thickness of hair; you can use to add three to four pieces in your braid.
  • Add most of the extension closer to the front of your head. And once you are done braiding, you need to boil some water to seal the ends of the braids. So you just go in there and maybe soak the hair for about a couple minutes. The heat does mold the hair, so you want to make sure you straighten it out there with your hands.

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