How Much Should You Spend On Rent In Boston?

Boston is one of the most excellent and comfortable cities to live in. But it’s also costly, considering the taxes, utilities, rental fees, and other expenses. 

According to statistics, the average cost of living in Boston for one person is $2,899 per month. This places it squarely in the top 1% of the most expensive cities in the world. 

Despite that, Boston has a lot to offer to its residents. 

And if you want to live in a comfortable apartment with many amenities and other entertainment options around, then you should pay for it. 

So, if you decide to move to Boston, the first thing you should do is rent an apartment. How much should you spend on renting and other expenses? 

The answer is below.

1. The broker’s fee

Brokers can help you find an appropriate apartment for you with the desired requirements and conditions. 

But their services are not free. You have to pay for them. Brokers usually charge a fee of one month’s rent, and the other ones may want you to pay a security deposit, as they need some proof that you can afford to rent an apartment with X cost and will pay for it monthly. 

If you found an appropriate apartment, there are some options to help you get it. One of them is guarantors that will pay for your apartment if you, for some reason, couldn’t. 

So brokers can start finding an apartment and will be appropriately reimbursed. 

Moreover, brokers will be helpful, especially if you are a beginner and don’t know where to start and where to find a desirable apartment.  

2. The renting fee

It’s known that the renting fees in Boston are the third highest in the country. 

So, be ready to allocate resources to rent an apartment with good conditions. The average renting cost in Boston is nearly about $2,500$ per month. If this is too much, there is an option to live with a roommate and share the fee. 

Suppose you are searching for monthly rentals in Boston. In that case, there are thousands of opportunities with different conditions approximately with different prices, so you can choose the one that suits you and your financial situation. 

Monthly rentals are also very convenient if you have a job trip for a month in Boston or looking for an apartment as a tourist.  

3. The utility services 

If you are planning to rent an apartment, consider that you will pay for utilities monthly. 

Utilities in Boston will cost about $150-170$ per month for one person in an average apartment. The utilities are not usually included in the renting fee, so you must allocate finances also for utility services such as electricity, gas, telecommunications, etc. 

Besides utilities, you need to consider other expenses while renting an apartment in the big city. This includes laundry, transportation, Internet, and additional costs that may appear while living in an apartment and need a solution by applying different services.  


Budget planning before renting an apartment is a sage decision when moving to Boston. 

Besides the rent fee, there are other expenses such as broker’s fee, utilities, and others that you should plan appropriately for your monthly salary, so you don’t have to worry about rent fees at the end of the month. You already know how much you should spend on rent in Boston, so you will be ready to find a proper one for you.