How Do I Know If My Chinese Antiques Are Valuable – Are Chinese Antiques Valuable?

How do you tell whether your Chinese object is valuable and antique or not? How do you tell from which era it is from? The best answer for this is that experience is key. You cannot tell whether a Chinese antique is valuable or not without any experience. Experts who have handled many of these objects in every way know how to tell the valuables apart. They have looked, touched, and felt thousands of antiques.

They have gone through the technique of blue underglaze, checked enamel, and the intricate designs that reflect the culture and era in which they were produced. This is why experts understand and know that a layman will not because they breathe these antiques and are immersed in the same work for years.

In this article, we will discuss the various factors considered when determining the value of a Chinese antique piece.

What factors are taken into account when evaluating antiques?

There are so many factors that need to be considered when determining the authenticity and value of the antique piece, including:

  • Age
  • Era in which it was produced
  • Shape of the piece
  • Design and decoration on the item
  • Style of painting
  • Colors used
  • Craftsmanship
  • And much more

Age does not represent value

A common conception among people is that the older the antique, the more value it holds. But this thought is completely wrong. Value comes from the quality, material, rarity, and scarcity of antique items. Only people with years of experience can identify their value by considering the various factors mentioned above.

Rarity and scarcity

The valuable objects and pieces are rare in terms of number. Usually, the pieces that have high worth and value will be quite rare and unique. Experts will determine how many of these pieces were produced and how many survived and exist today.

Mostly, the items that are deemed valuable were produced in big quantities. But over time, only a few can be found in the marketplace. This may be because many were destroyed or are held by private or public organizations. This, in turn, makes these items scarce and thus rarer.

No set standard for price

You also need to understand that there is no set price standard when it comes to Chinese porcelain. This means that Chinese antique porcelain sold for 1000 dollars today may be sold for 10,000 dollars a month later. This is why it is difficult to put a specific price on Chinese porcelain in a changing market. So only an expert can determine its worth. You can try to find antiques for sale if you are considering buying an item.

In a nutshell

So the best you can do is consider these factors, including the age, era, shape, color, design, decoration, base, and view the recent records for auction to determine the value.

So if you have a piece of Chinese porcelain and want to know the value of your piece, you should consider expert services as only experts can help you determine the true value and worth of your Chinese antique. Without an expert’s help, you may end up selling an authentic piece for far less than what it’s worth.