Qualities of a Semi-trailer Truck Collision Lawyer

Victims hire lawyers when they are extremely exhausted mentally. They do not see any way out after being harassed by the insurance agencies. Thus, it is time to consult a truck accident lawyer in Racine with the following qualities to assist them in retrieving damages caused by a truck accident.

Field of Expert Relevancy 

A truck accident lawyer has experience in the field to assist you in the case. Just as embezzlement cases are represented by financial and forensic lawyers, an accident lawyer will represent your perspective if you have recently been in a truck accident.  The lawyer does not need to be exclusively talented in representing truck accidents, however.

skilled semi-truck accident attorney specifically understands the regulations unique to the trucking industry, offering a significant advantage over general practitioners. While insurance companies may provide some immediate relief, they often prioritize minimizing payouts rather than ensuring victims receive full compensation for their injuries, losses, and trauma. In contrast, a seasoned semi-truck accident attorney will diligently fight for your rights, aiming to secure the maximum compensation possible. They bring a wealth of experience in negotiating with insurance companies and, if necessary, representing your interests in court. Ultimately, while insurance can offer a basic level of support, a dedicated semi-truck accident attorney provides specialized, aggressive representation tailored to the unique aspects of your case, ensuring your needs and rights are at the forefront of all proceedings.

The idea behind hiring an expert is to work closely with someone who knows what they are doing. They know the laws to defend and present your claim. The lawyer will also walk into the court with confidence based on their knowledge and experience.

Client Reviews or Referrals

You can learn a lot about the lawyer based on his previous clients. Of course, they won’t reveal particulars about the case because of lawyer-client confidentiality. However, you will hear about their services through word of mouth or online or physical customer reviews. You can also own authority trucking if you are interested.

You can inquire about the customers online. Join forums online to inquire about lawyers who have represented previous truck accidents. You can read online testimonies and how the lawyers represented the victims in court. Online forums will also result in referrals, so you may find an excellent lawyer without trying too hard. Therefore, keep an open mindset when searching for lawyers.

Success Rate

Almost every lawyer keeps an extensive track of the cases they successfully represented and won. It is called the success rate, and it can be measured very easily. The lawyers also add up the compensation figures by winning cases to boost their services and portfolio. 

When you inquire the lawyers about their success rate, it gives you a preface of how good the lawyer is. It can help you bring ease in signing the employment contract offered by the lawyer. You can also inquire about a few lawyers and their success rate if it helps you decide the next or present lawyer.

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Negotiation Skills

Insurance companies are very eager to settle the case and close the file. They will offer you a low settlement that barely covers the current medical expenses. A Semi-Truck Accident Lawyer will prevent the case from settling so early based on an unfair and low settlement.

When you decide to hire a truck collision lawyer, hire one who has the time and patience to work with for the long term if the situation comes to it. You would instead work with a patient lawyer rather than an impulsive one whose aim is to represent the next client as quickly as can be.

Experience In Court

You will be going to court if your claim does not settle. Therefore, you need an accident lawyer who knows what he is doing from his previous trial experiences. Be it the insurance provider rejecting your claim or not offering you enough based on the damages, prepare yourself to greet the judge. 

The defendant’s lawyer will attempt to prove that you are responsible for the accident. By doing so, the other party will be the recipient of the compensation you deserve. A competent lawyer must defend these claims and present otherwise.


Most truck accident lawyers work on contingent fees. It means the fees are based on the happening or not happening of a specific event. They will not ask for any payment until the settlement is received. They usually charge a fixed percentage from the final settlement offer.

The truck accident lawyer does not need to be your friend, nor should you personally know him. You are hiring lawyers because of their skills and education. You are hiring them for support and presenting your perspective and version of events to the court.

Prevents You From Misquoting

A truck accident mainly results in damages on a grand scale. And afterward, you must be receiving endless calls made by the insurance company for quotes or settlement offers. The situation is highly stressful, and anything you can say at this moment can later be presented in court.

The truck accident lawyers train the clients on what to say and what not to say, so it doesn’t lower their chances of receiving the maximum compensation. The lawyer will also answer insurance calls at your behest to provide you with peace of mind.

Investigative Talents

Negligence is proven when the negligent party is responsible for the accident. In layman’s terms, the responsible party had the common sense and the duty to care and provide diligence but refused to do so. The breach of duty or not caring created the unpredictable and uncertain condition that resulted in the car accident. 

The most obvious case to the party is the trucking company, but there is more than meets the eye. As the events unfold, there is a responsibility to inspect everyone involved, which means the truck driver employment agency and truck manufacturers may be liable too.

Fights for Non-Economic Damages

The first thing to consider is the loss of income. Do not sign an insurance agreement that covers your medical bills and then some! Your losses are a lot more than the medical expenses. You must be compensated until the injuries heal correctly so that you can return to work in full capacity.

The lawyer at Derek L. Hall, PC, will also fight for non-economic damages such as pain and suffering. Non-economic defines these damages as immeasurable and cannot be translated in terms of money. These injuries are based on how the accident occurred and altered your life without the financial component.

Hire a Truck Accident Lawyer Today!

A competent truck accident lawyer who fulfills the above mentioned criteria will also recover your damages and fight for special damages. You may want to meet with a few lawyers before making a final decision.