How a good SSDI attorney can help you to get the benefits you deserve

When you first file for disability and submit your claim you may think it is easy and a walk in the park. However, the majority of claims actually get denied during the first pass-through! Unfortunately, many people give up at this stage and do not re-file their claim at a later date. 

For those who are desperate and really need the benefits, they should look into hiring a professional who can help them properly submit their claim, gather the required documents, or fight their case in court. 

How an SSDI attorney can help YOU get benefits!

When you first speak with an SSDI attorney, you will speak with the representative of the law firm or the lawyer. At this stage, you will go through a short interview process to figure out more about yourself, your case, and your claim. This helps the lawyer have the necessary background information to figure out the angle of your case. The interviews are typically done by phone or computer, but sometimes the SSDI attorney may want you to come into the office in person to meet you and speak.

Develop medical evidence

The first way in which an SSDI attorney can help you obtain information by gathering your medical evidence that shows you need compensation and benefits. Your attorney or lawyer in the law firm will request your medical records and then submit them to the Social Security Administration before your in-person hearing with the court.

You will have signed a medical privacy release that allows the SSDI attorney to view your medical records. If you are short on cash, no worries – the attorney will usually pay for these records at the time of acquisition.

Next, your SSDI attorney will figure out if you need any additional exams or tests to qualify for benefits. You may have to undergo a consultative examination with a specific doctor to see if you qualify for the benefits or if you need additional testing measures for proof. 

Get you ready for your hearing

The second method of how an SSDI attorney can help you get benefits is by preparing you for the hearing. If you have never been in a courtroom, it can be nerve-wracking and stressful. However, the SSDI attorney knows exactly how you need to act, what you need to say, and the angle of your claim.

Your attorney will typically speak with you by phone to ask you if you have any issues with your claim and if you need any questions answered. They will typically ask you questions like how you’re feeling, describing your symptoms, if you are currently seeing a doctor for disability, if you currently have a job and work when you become too sick to work, and if you are on any medications. 


As you can see, hiring an SSDI attorney to help fight your court case and obtain benefits for you is crucial if you are sick and have a harmful illness. If you have become too sick to work, your lawyer can help you prepare for court, answer any questions you have about the process, and gather your medical information to submit to the SSA.