Dinar Intel – Rumors and News 2021

Rumors and News

Dinar Intel‘s Magellan Show has become the one-stop location for the most up-to-date Iraqi Dinar-related news, and worldwide political issues and events! The website has a completely revamped site which is now packed full of fresh content and news from some of the most high-level governments in Iraq. This website has now become a popular tool for those in government, media, and journalism to give their views on current events in the region.

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In addition to having up to date news and information on current events, dinar experts from this website give their own opinion on what they are saying. They state that the only way to get rid of these rumors is to completely deny them. Whether you agree or disagree with them on this point, it doesn’t change the fact that they are spreading news regarding the new Iraqi dinar. If these rumors were true then the Iraqi dinar would be worth much more than what it is currently worth.

I often come across individuals or groups on the Internet that believe that the price of the Iraqi dinar would rise because the United States is leaving Iraq. Others believe that this will happen because of “oil shortages” and problems within the oil industry. Still others base their opinions on hearsay from reliable sources within the intelligence and military community. Even though all of these rumors may be partially true, there is no evidence pointing to this so it should not be put to the forefront. However, it is certainly important to note that many of these same folks also believe that the United States will remain in Iraq for at least the next 10 years.

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What this means for those who have invested in the dinar and the current value is that if the United States does not reintegrate into the region by the end of 2011, the value of the dinar will appreciate significantly. What do we know about how the US plans for its exit from Iraq? We know that the United States will leave behind a large number of personnel and an estimated 13 billion dollars in equipment. These include Hummers, armored cars, M1 tanks, Humvees, and aircraft.

As you can probably surmise, any investment involving currency, especially the one as valuable as the dinar, is very complicated and likely not something you want to get involved in unless you have extensive knowledge and experience in the Forex markets. For those individuals interested in trading the currency markets, it is essential that you learn as much as you can about the latest news regarding the revaluation before you make any trades. This includes understanding both how the currency markets work and what factors are affecting the value of the currency. When you are ready to begin investing, begin by purchasing just a small amount of the currency associated with the Iraqi Dinar. The more money you purchase, the more you stand to gain.

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One particular rumor floating around that is currently spreading across the internet is that the Iraqi dinar is valued at nearly two hundred dollars against the dollar. While this rumor may seem like a stretch, remember that the Iraqi central government is owed roughly three trillion dinars, so technically your investment would be worth at least double what you paid for it. If the price of the dinar increases, so will your investment. However, no matter what the rumors are, the truth remains that the revaluation will take place, and all currency investors will ultimately benefit from this. Just follow your instinct and enjoy the ride!

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