Do you want to remove black algae stains from your roofs? Read below

Humid areas are very prone to dark spots developing on asphalt shingles. If you are the owner of a house, you must have come across these dark stains. It is an accumulation of dust, mildew or mold, defective shingles, and other culprits. However, there are multiple reasons for algae growth. Blue-green algae are the central players here. Algae growth may harm the roofing in different ways. Hence, these stains take away the overall look and reduce the resale value of the property.

Therefore, if you want to keep your rooftop in proper order, try some simple hacks like putting a gutter guard on your roof. You have to take immediate steps to rectify the problem. Regular inspection and maintenance of a roof are vital for preventing this issue. When you notice algae stains, you have to take immediate steps. These days most roofing materials come with a coating. Benchmark Roofing and Restoration uses these materials. It is essential for preventing the roof from mold, mildew, and algae growth.

Algae-resistant shingle may be an option

In modern times, roof manufacturers use a mixture of different metals for creating roofing material. It makes an algae-resistant shingle that is most appropriate for hot and humid conditions. Suppose you feel that the area where you are living is susceptible to algae development. You can use these kinds of shingles and replace the roof.

Chemical cleaning is gaining ground

Regular cleaning and roof maintenance are the two pillars of property maintenance. The same applies to the roof, as you can remove algae stains by using chemical cleaning. It is a modern way of maintaining the rooftop and does not cause any harm to the structure. On the other hand, harsh chemicals create an erosive effect by way of pressure washing. Hence, it damages the asphalt shingles and other materials as well. Different types of products have different results. For removing algae stains, you can also take a look at different DIY techniques.

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Safety and cleaning go hand in hand

When you are taking care of your property, you have to ensure your safety as well. Different types of chemicals are dangerous to human beings. These are hazardous to both life and property both. Hence, adequate safety precautions are a necessity. Wear slip-resistant boots, keep away from steep roofs, and use safety rope when working on the top. Bleach can be detrimental to plants as well as human beings. Hence, use only that proportion that is required. Cleaning of the ceiling is not a one-day phenomenon. A lot of research goes into the process. Thus, taking professional help is desirable. You may get in touch with local professionals in your area and take care of the issue. These individuals use modern equipment and different techniques for rectifying the issue. completeroofingsolutions is good option for roof repairs and other problems.

Apart from cleanliness and maintenance, there are some preventive measures you can also take. Regular inspection is one of them. These days’ sheet metals are attached to the roof and effectively cut down the algae growth. These are less expensive and are widely available in the market. You can use the same for your property.