Bed Mattress Will Make Your Bed Complete

The key to good health is a good night’s sleep. It boosts your mood and reduces stress, productivity, and memory power. Bedding is one of the most important things determining our ability to sleep well. A comfortable bed mattress can help you sleep better, but old, uncomfortable bedding can cause sleep disturbances. While sleeping, a good mattress will align your spine and support your posture. The result will be relief from various health issues, including neck and back pain. 

Depending on your budget, you can buy a bed mattress on EMI such as a Kurlon mattress with open coils, memory foam, or latex foam. They all have their pros and cons. These mattresses are designed to ensure a comfortable night’s sleep. In addition, online shopping allows people to buy home furnishings from the comfort of their homes.  

Listed below are some of the best bed mattresses you can consider buying to make your bed complete

Duroflex LiveIn – 2 in 1 Foam Mattress

Duroflex’s LiveIn 2-in-1 bed mattress is a dual-sided mattress that responds to your changing needs for individualized support as well as a safe and sanitary sleep environment. On one side of the mattress are strong supports layers, while on the other side are soft comfort layers. In addition, it features our proprietary Anti Microbial Fabric, which helps keep unwanted germs, fungi, and dust mites off the mattress, ensuring a healthy sleeping environment.

SleepX – Dual Sided Foam Mattress

SleepX hybrid mattress combines the benefits of a soft and hard bed mattress. The solid surface in Dual sided mattress provides excellent body support, and the softer side provides additional comfort for a restful sleep. This mattress features soft knitted fabric with high-resilience foam to relieve pressure points. In addition, SleepX patented Neem Fresche technology creates a clean and healthy atmosphere that prevents germs from spreading, allowing you to get a good night’s sleep, setting this mattress apart from other memory foam mattresses available online.

Springtek Ortho – Pocket Premium Mattress

Springtek Ortho is a low-cost bed mattress by Springtek that costs less than Rs 20,000. This mattress is medium-firm and provides excellent support. Because the mattress is robust, it is the greatest choice for kids to tolerate their mischief. The mattress comes in various colours to appeal to children, and it is also anti-microbial to safeguard your safety and health. Heavy-gauge tempered steel Pocket coils are the major materials in the mattress, making it more robust. Quilted fabric and foam encasement support the edges for added comfort.

Kurlon Coir Mattress

A coir mattress from Kurlon mattress comprises high-density rubberized coir with a fabric cover for a finished appearance. It contains natural coconut fibres and maintains a comfortable sleeping temperature. The hygroscopic characteristic of a Kurlon mattress prevents water molecules from escaping its surface. Therefore, dust mines and bacteria are removed using the fresh health technique from a coir mattress. 

It’s also great for folks with respiratory issues because it provides excellent comfort and air circulation. Aside from that, the Kurlon mattress supports your back and maintains the natural curve of your spine. A Kurlon mattress may be the greatest option if you’re seeking an ultra-comfortable mattress. Coir mattresses are also anti-sagging and are suited for all sleeping positions. In addition, the thick layer of coir sheets keeps the stiffness and provides excellent support. As a result, you can expect a coir mattress to last for a long time.

Duroflex – Balance Orthopedic Mattress

A refreshing sleep experience combined with 5-zoned body support, Balance has been researched and designed to perfection. This orthopaedic mattress will help align your spine, and support your back, making it ideal for daily use. Moreover, the memory foam layer adds to the comfort of the mattress by relieving pressure and enhancing the quality of your sleep. The National Health Academy has tested and endorsed this certified orthopaedic bed mattress for various sleep needs.

Kurlon – Angelica Top Spring Mattress

Sleep like an angel with an Angelica Box Top Kurlon mattress. The mattress includes high-tensile pocket springs, friction on the box top, and sound insulation. The Angelica Box Top Mattress combines high-tensile pocket springs with polyurethane quilting, and Thermobond felt. It’s zero disruption technology allows you to sleep peacefully with your partner due to the MSI technology on its high tensile pocket spring. In this Kurlon mattress, helical border wires prevent springs from drooping and maintain their shape.

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