Apps for learning singing

We are all stuck at home. There is little chance of visiting a coach and learning music or singing in these uncertain times. But thanks to technology, you can learn to sing online just sitting on your couch, using various apps. This article will explore some platforms where you can learn to sing and practice music.  So let us take a look at them:

Riyaz: Riyaz is one of the most widely used apps for learning and practising singing as a beginner. Many students term it as the best app to learn the basics of singing, digitally. It does not matter if you are at a beginner or an advanced level, Riyaz will help you hit the right notes and learn the various concepts of music. This app is carefully designed to help the students in practising as well as learning effectively.

There are a number of features in the app to enable effective coaching. There is a real-time feedback mechanism that can help you to correct mistakes as and when you are learning to sing. There are thousands of music lessons for different genres like Hindustani, Carnatic, Movie Songs, Bhajans, etc. In addition to that, you get access to music mentors. Riyaz also has a feature of giving rewards when you advance to the next level. Along with that, it keeps the track of your overall progress as well.

So, if you were wondering how to begin learning singing with the help of good guidance, then Riyaz is the right choice for you!

Yousician: This app is not only for singers but also for guitarists, pianists, ukulele and bass players. You can use Yousician at any skill level to improve your vocal technique.  Yousician acts as a personal music tutor. The app listens to you sing or play and then gives you instant feedback on your timing and accuracy. The content of this app is designed by music experts with step by step video guides. It includes over 1500 lessons, missions and exercises that cover almost all the skills one might need.

One of the unique features of Yousician is the Weekly Challenge where you can connect and compete with thousands of Yousicians worldwide. So, if you want to make learning music fun, check out Yousician right now!

Learn to Sing – Sing Sharp: The Learn to Sing app can be helpful for singing anytime and anywhere. It is a complete package that includes vocal exercises, warm-up techniques, ear training and singing lessons.

It has various features that can improve your vocal abilities. You can check and practice your lowest and highest scales. There is also a feature to record, save, share and customize your songs. There is a technology in the app that can detect and display your singing scale accuracy in real-time. This can help you to tune your voice accordingly. The app’s practice sing-board is powered by a real-time pitch detection engine. You can brush up your vocal range, ear training and improve yourself step by step.

Check out the Learn to Sing app now to learn to sing better today!

Perfect Ear – Music Theory, Ear and Rhythm Training: Listening is an essential part of singing and hence, holds a lot of significance. This app helps you to learn chords, intervals, scales and to identify melodies by ear. The app provides high-quality ear training. In addition to that, it provides music theory, rhythm training, solfège lessons and note reading lessons. You can learn to read and recognise rhythm durations. The app is super customisable too! You can create your own ear and rhythm training exercises and patterns for exercises. You can create your own chords and scales as well. 

Ear training is important for beginners as well as advanced musicians. That is because you can always find something that will make you better at singing and improve yourself. Perfect Ear is one of the best ear training apps out there. 

So what are you waiting for? Download the app and you’ll be amazed by what it has to offer!

A good online singing course would be so helpful for the budding songbirds to begin their musical journey. Personalised vocal training and online vocal classes can help you progress well in the field. Having a vocal coach monitor your journey and guide you can be very effective for your growth and betterment. 

Unluclass is offering singing classes where Monali Thakur will be your personal vocal coach! This your chance to improve as a singer by sitting at your home and using your time productively. Check out our website for taking a step ahead in your singing journey. 

Happy Learning!