9 Great Free Resources for ServiceNow Professionals

ServiceNow has been at the frontline of making it simple for users to obtain information and learn about the platform since the beginning. Remember when it was revolutionary to publish your product documentation online for all to see? Despite this, ServiceNow’s user-first philosophy has always included open, online content like the Wiki. You can pursue the course on Servicenow training if you are interested in learning how to minimize the IT operating costs and boost the effectiveness and performance of a business enterprise.

As the platform’s user base has increased, more Internet corners have appeared where anyone can access useful information regarding the platform, including technical, process-related, and business-related information. Here is a list we recently put together at Stave to act as one of our internal knowledge bases’ feeds. 

1. Slack Dev Channel for ServiceNow

The sndevs channel is a popular hangout and chats place for developers. The community is incredibly helpful in addressing short queries regarding everything from Glide scripting to obtaining the right sys_id for a lookup.

2. Subreddit for ServiceNow

ServiceNow has its own subreddit at www.reddit.com/r/servicenow. The content in this section is ideal for novices and people who are just getting started with ServiceNow. You can also get this ServiceNow online training course that will help you to learn how to start with the ServiceNow application.

3. Github

There’s even a Git source-control integration built into ServiceNow. It’s a terrific method to learn to be able to look at and download other people’s code, and there are a lot of ServiceNow projects accessible, both from the company and from community members.

4. Groups on LinkedIn

If you’re seeking for less-technical and more business-oriented ServiceNow resources LinkedIn is the best place to begin. There are currently around 80 ServiceNow-related specialized groups on LinkedIn where you can join, ask questions, and network with other experts.

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5. The Community’s Official Website

A dedicated corporate staff manages and curates ServiceNow’s official community site. On the Community, you create a profile and establish preferences depending on your interests in ServiceNow. This might include everything from the most detailed technical conversations to C-level strategy on how your company is redefining service delivery.

6. The Site of the Developer

ServiceNow launched a citizen developer program and a dedicated website that offers free training and documentation materials for learning ServiceNow. If you enroll in the developer program, you can also acquire your own personal ServiceNow instance to utilize.

7. ServiceNow’s Enablement Program for Champions

The program gives software resources such as manuals, templates, and posters to company champions who are committed to the success of their ServiceNow implementation.

8. The Wiki

The Wiki contains both corporate and community-created articles and images regarding ServiceNow. Articles may be connected to one another, suggestions for corrections could be made, and entire pages could be printed.

9. YouTube

ServiceNow videos have been available on YouTube since the beginning of each platform. Live demos, HOW TO instructions, and implementation discussions have all been part of the program. Search through this “Channels: https://www.youtube.com/user/servicenowinc/channels.


You’ve seen nine free resources in this article, but there are much more available. This is a great place to begin.

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