Basic About Heel Guard Grates And Wedge Wire Grating

Wedge wire grates and Heel guard grates are the safest drainage options and can be used in outdoor zones, balconies, pools,  and showers. Wedge wire gets its title from the wedge design of stainless-steel bars, and it can help your drains work better and look better. Wedge wire grating and Heel guard grates at E Industrial Engineering can safeguard those who use high-traffic areas in a variety of ways, allowing it simpler to maneuver in a wheelchair, with luggage, or in high heels.

Heel guards can help to drain trash and maintain pedestrian zones free while also helping to remove water. Heel guard grates are necessary for security and defense in high zones as they will avoid dangerous falls and accidents among individuals who use your building or outdoor space.

Your heel guard will fit in with the nearby architecture because it was created with aesthetics in mind. A huge opening over your drain can cause a variety of problems, therefore our heel guard grates are the ideal answer for covering the entrance and ensuring safety.

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Australia’s Top Performance Gear, Designed To The Toughest Standards

The high-end wedge wire grating materials, commonly called heel guard grates, are manufactured in Australia using the best performance equipment and adhere to the toughest regulations. The commitment to greatness is demonstrated by the fact that each drainage system is 100% leak-proof prior to construction making the crew the ideal option for your next job. All of the items are also watermark-approved and made of high-quality stainless steel. The 10-year warranty covers every foreseeable issue with every drainage system. The heel guard drainage devices are suitable for improving pedestrian accessibility utilizing outlet locations and drainage and serving a variety of aesthetic and practical purposes.

With Over 20 Years Of Stainless Steel Fabrication Knowledge

E Mechanical Engineering manufactures high-quality Australian-made architecture drainage systems with over 20 years of experience in stainless steel fabrication, involving grates and drainage. The item range is carefully selected to be of the finest grade and expert professionals precisely install each grate, component system, and drain. Choose from our basic items, or when you need a bespoke grate, contact us for a solution tailored to your exact needs. Each heel guard has a length that can be adjusted to fit the requirements of your current grate, allowing the installation procedure to be simple and long-lasting. The high-grade steel manufacture ensures long-term durability. Fabricators and welders alter steel to meet your specifications. We use only Australian-made materials and production processes. The heel guard grates are the ideal option for your pathways, with an easy-to-clean ground, a fashionable brushed appearance, and high load ratings.


The individualized, solution-oriented strategy provides the customers with the direction they require to attain the desired aesthetic while maintaining functionality and peace of mind. The main passion is stainless steel, and the heel guard grates are no exception created with the quality and professionalism for which we are recognized. Every detail is meticulously created as we turn raw steel into high-precision goods like our wedge wire grates and heel guard trench grates. The pleasant crew of specialists who service locations inside and near Sydney NSW offer passion and experience to every job, as well as the principles and strong work ethic.