8 Best Student Cities in New Zealand

New Zealand is a country located in the southwest of the Pacific Ocean, 2000km from Australia and full of beautiful landscapes of beaches, mountains, volcanoes and glaciations. There are several cities for students all around the world to study in this distant country called New Zealand.

New Zealand is divided into two islands, where the North is located its capital Wellington and the South Island, where it presents the most beautiful scenery, such as the South Lake, where the film Lord of the Rings was recorded.

The North Island is more populous and is where the beaches and the most tropical climate are found. In South Island, it will be possible to enjoy the mountains with their glaciers and due to the climate, it has a sparse population, being a more touristic place and for lovers of extreme sports. In the country the official language is English, but in many places Maori is still spoken, the language of the local culture, which is still very much alive in the country.

Best cities for exchange

So let’s get down to business, the main places to study in New Zealand.

  • Auckland
  • wellington
  • Christchurch
  • Queenstown
  • Dunedin
  • Tauranga
  • Rotorua
  • Nelson


Auckland is known as the economic hub of the country and this influences, as well as being influenced by the fact that it is home to the main English schools and technical and vocational institutes in New Zealand, two best universities in New Zealand are located here, The University of Auckland and Auckland University of Technology.

It is a very urban and very multicultural city. A recent study has shown that 62% of its residents are of European descent, 12% are Maori, 11% are of Pacific Islander descent and there is a growing Asian population of around 9%. However, the cultural diversity of the city can also be added to the increase in the number of international students who choose Auckland as their residence during their exchange.

The Auckland region includes four cities – Auckland, Manukau, North Shore and Waitakere; and three districts – Franklin, Rodney and Papakura.

As the main city, it has an excellent infrastructure for accommodation, security and tourism, with an efficient transport system, in addition to various urban activities for all tastes. However, for all these advantages, the cost of living in Auckland is higher than in other cities in the country. In parallel, it is the city that has one of the highest salary levels.

On average, in Auckland a student spends NZD250.00 weekly, including transport, food and moderate spending on recreational activities. Monthly, with rent, the monthly expenditure in the city is approximately NZD2,000.00.


This city, located on the North Island, despite being the capital of New Zealand, has just over 400,000 inhabitants, making it the third most populous city in the country. It stands out for its cultural hub and for being an important commercial and financial center.

Although Wellington is known as Windy Wellington, for being a very windy city. The local climate is mild, with little temperature variation between seasons, which makes the city have a very pleasant climate

The city is divided into two regions: the residential part, which is located in the upper part of the city, and the commercial part, which is in the center, located in the lower part of the city.

As it is a less popular city than Auckland, it has been well sought after by exchange students who want to deepen their knowledge of English and its practice, even with a smaller number of options for institutions.


Located on the South Island of New Zealand, with just 20 thousand inhabitants, this small town, with lush landscapes, on the shores of Lake Wakatipu, is famous for the practice of extreme sports and also for having served as the setting for the filming of the film The Hobbit and from the Lady of the Rings trilogy.

With pleasant temperatures, which do not exceed so much in summer or winter, the city has well-defined seasons, which transforms the local landscape four times a year, making the scenery always different and interesting.

This city stands out for living primarily on tourism and is the most touristy on the south island. So if you are focused on studying the tourism industry, this would be the ideal city.


This city, with just over 370,000 inhabitants, is the largest city on the South Island of New Zealand. As it is easily connected to other cities in the country and even to Australia, it is recognized as the local gateway for most tourists visiting New Zealand.

Currently Christchurch is the fastest growing city in New Zealand, its revitalization is happening in an accelerated and impressive way, which facilitates job offers, especially in civil construction.

Also known as Cidade Jardim, Christchurch is a great option for exchanges, as the cost of living is much cheaper than in other cities, reaching 30% lower than in some of them.


The main city in the Otago region is the second largest city on the South Island and is the largest in size in the country. This city founded by the Scots, retains its Scottish heritage to this day, which made it known as the Edinburgh of New Zealand.

It is a city with a great wildlife, in addition to having a classic architecture that differs from other cities in the country.

Dunedin is home to the traditional University of Otago, known for having the largest medical course in New Zealand, as well as being the only one to offer a course in dentistry in the country, which makes this city a great university city. About 20% of residents are students and, therefore, most job openings in the city are focused on the education sector and its related services.


The most populous city (130,000 inhabitants) in the Bay of Plenty region, located on the North Island, has the largest port in New Zealand in terms of gross export tonnage. In addition to its prominence in this area, Taurunga is also one of the main commercial and cultural centers in the region.

The city is known for being one of the sunniest places in New Zealand. Every year, the city has an average of 2,400 hours of sunshine. Now imagine combining this with beautiful beaches? Tauranga is also famous for its beaches and, consequently, for the practice of sports at sea.

Tauranga was also famous for being part of the location of the Lord of the Rings trilogy and for the movie Hobbit.

It is also, at the southern end of Tauranga, that Mount Maunganui is located, the city famous for the Mauao volcano and perhaps the biggest tourist attraction in Tauranga. The place has beautiful beaches, white sand and great waves for surfing.

The city is great for those who have a smaller budget to do their exchange and want to stay close to Auckland. In addition, in its vicinity, in the city of Te Puke, there are several farms that are always hiring tourists with working holliday visas.


This city, in the center of the Bay of Planty, located on the North Island, has a little more than 53,000 inhabitants, among which 1/3 are Maori, being the cradle of this people.

Famous for being an area of geothermal activities, the city has everything from its famous geysers, through hot springs, to bubbling mud lagoons. Due to this intense thermal activity and because of its volcano, the city has a characteristic sulfur smell.

But the city is not only geared towards those looking to take advantage of its thermal pools, there you can also practice sports and adventure through Raftings, mountain bikes, canoeing, etc.


One of the gateways to the South Island and also the sunniest city on the island, it is the oldest city on the South Island and the second oldest city in New Zealand.

Known as Sunny Nelson, the city has summer as its peak season. It is practically impossible to find a place that is not crowded with tourists at this time of year, who come to the city in search of its warmer climate and its sunny days, to also enjoy its beautiful beaches.

It’s not just beautiful beaches and sunny days that the city lives on. Nelson is famous for its art cultivation, so much so that it is known as New Zealand’s most artistic city. It’s impossible not to breathe art in Nelson. Virtually every corner you’ll come across an art gallery or a studio. And if you are a connoisseur of good wines, the city has a route of super renowned vineyards.

Study Abroad in New Zealand

If you intend to rent a car in New Zealand, you need to be aware that you can drive there in English and you need an International Driving Permit (PID) or a Brazilian Driver’s License (CNH) officially translated into English. .

New Zealand has a hospitable and friendly people. In addition, its visitors are soon enchanted by the practicality, safety and first-world economy of its places. Not to mention the natural beauties, which yield great adventures.

Its seasons of the year are pleasant, and this is one of the most relevant reasons for students to study there. New Zealand’s climate is much moderate and ranges from subtropical in the north to temperate in the south. If you live in Australia, you can use Miswebmail to study online.

Offering from English courses to technical specializations, the country has a relatively cheap cost of living compared to other nearby countries, which makes it much easier and can be a great attraction for the student.

Also regarding the cost of courses and life during the exchange period, it is important to note that in New Zealand, unlike most countries, international students for the study of the English language has the right to work, for a period of 20 hours per week, as long as you have a student visa and are enrolled in a course of at least 14 weeks.

In addition, New Zealand has the second best education system in the world, with 8 universities in the top 500 in the world and 1 in the top 200.

Now that you know everything about New Zealand. It’s easier for you to make the best decision. Ah, you can still compare Ireland or Australia, the main alternatives for those who want to work and study.