5 Marketing Steps for Advertising Your Home

Do you want to ensure your home sells for a juicy profit? Then follow these marketing tips and get an above-market price for your home today!

How to Market Your Home to Get the Highest Price?

The difference between selling your house for below market average or getting an incredible price often comes down to marketing. If you can show your house in its best light and get as many eyes on it as possible, you greatly boost your chance of making a profit. Let’s look at 5 simple tricks to help you market your home and drive demand!

Take Pictures of the Front of Your Home

You would be surprised at how many people don’t take proper pictures of the front of their homes. As soon as someone sees your listing, they should be met with a glorious image of the front of your home. There shouldn’t be any sidewalks present, and you should remove your cars. It is also wise to clean up your yard and give everything a good wash. Also, one photo is not enough. You need to snap the front of your house from multiple angles!

The front of your home is the first impression you are leaving with potential buyers. If you nail this first impression, they will be far more likely to dig deeper into your property listing and call you or book a viewing. If you don’t want to deal with buyers calling you day and night, we recommend you hire a communication specialist through signalhire.com.

Blast Out Emails

Email marketing is incredibly powerful and effective! On average, email marketing generates $42 for every $1 invested. Email is an amazing way to instantly reach hundreds of thousands of people in your city and town and let them know that you have an amazing property for sale. 

To ensure your email marketing campaign succeeds, you need to come up with a list of potential buyers. There is no point in creating incredibly catchy and eye-popping emails if they are sent to people who aren’t interested in buying a home or don’t live in the area. Fortunately, you can either buy targeted lists or leverage the power of a real estate agent, who will have emails from thousands of potential buyers. 

When coming up with a list, you need to think about who your property is perfect for. For example, is it an amazing starter home for a single man or woman or a young couple, or is it a family home that is perfect for a middle-aged couple who is looking for more space? Once you have the ideal target buyer, you can boost your conversion rate by emailing people who fit your buyer’s profile.

Once you have got your list of potential buyers, you now need to create a must-open email. To get someone to open your email, you need to compose a killer subject line. For example, “Want to upgrade your home without blowing your budget? Check out this incredible property!” You want to create a subject to tap into a need while solving a pain point. 

The body of your email should be short and sweet and include 2 to 3 amazing pictures of your property. It should include the location, price, and best features of the property. It should also include a number of calls to action, imploring the potential buyer to click the listing or schedule a viewing. If you nail your email marketing campaign, you will have more buyers than you know what to do with!

Photograph Exciting Features

If you thought you could just snap a quick picture of the front of your home and expect it to sell for millions, you are wrong! You need to visualize all the virtues of your property by photographing all the best features of your home. Prior to taking photos, you should ask yourself what you like most about them. For example, do you have an amazing open-plan kitchen with great cooking space, or maybe you have a spectacular pool or a breathtaking view of the city? Once you have come up with a list of the best features, you then need to go around photographing all of them. Potential buyers should have a great feel for your home based on these pictures alone. The photos should be so good that buyers are ready to buy without ever seeing your home!

This can be a lengthy and sometimes frustrating process. However, the extra work is worth it because your property listing will stand out from competitors. Thousands of people will be checking out your property daily, giving you a better chance of finding a qualified buyer quickly!

List Your Property on MLS

MLS stands for Multiple Listing Service and is an extensive database used by real estate brokers and investors to share information about properties for sale. There are hundreds of thousands of listings on the MLS, and real estate agents are constantly browsing the database looking for properties that are perfect for their clients.

Simply put your property into this database, and the number of people who know your property is for sale will be 10x overnight! This database is one of the most powerful marketing tools you have at your disposal. If you are being represented by an agent, they will very likely enter your property in the MLS without you asking, but you should always double-check. If you are selling your home without an agent, you can pay an agent a flat fee to enter your home into the MLS and then still sell your home commission free. You can find agents who will charge as little as $49 to list your home, so it is definitely worth the small expense. The time to find a real specialist can vary, but in order to still have a chance for quick success, we recommend you hire an agent through signalhire.com, authoritative in its niche directory of specialists and their contacts.

Host an Open House

Pictures typically only whet a buyer’s appetite. If you really want to get them excited about your home, you will need to host an open house! To really make your home stand out, make sure you host the open house at the optimal time. For example, some houses look incredible at night, while others shine during the day under the sun. 

You should also go the extra mile to make the open house memorable. Some simple ways to make the event special include offering food and drinks, having live music, and personally offering guests tours. Don’t think of these as expenses but rather as investments. When you get 20% above the market price, you will be happy you splashed some cash on your open house! 

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Wrapping Up!

Selling a home is a big deal! Don’t treat it like selling your second-hand clothing on eBay. If you want to boost your profit and fetch an above-market price, you need to have a well-thought-out marketing strategy. Fortunately, we have shared 5 effective marketing tips which will make your home pop on the market! Remember to use all of them, and don’t be scared to think outside the box. Good luck selling your home!