5 Best Technology Tools for Small Businesses

With the dog-eat-dog business competition out there, companies need to do more than just work hard. Every step towards improving your business processes is a step closer to building a successful business.

Leveraging the right technology tools is one such step. The key to a successful business isn’t to work hard but to work smart!

Automate your processes, cut out the monotony and free your human resources for the tasks they are best suited for with the right tools at your disposal. 

We have listed five types of technology tools to help you understand the right fit for your business.

Five Types of Technology Tools every Business Needs

  • Business Telephony System
  • Task Management Tools
  • Social Media Scheduling Tools
  • Document Collaboration Tools
  • Digital Signature Tools

Business Telephony System

In simple terms, a business telephony system is a phone system that runs through your internet connection. It is the best tool to put up a professional out front. 

Here is why you should Invest in a Virtual Phone Number

  • Cost-effective
  • Provides Flexibility
  • Promotes Scalability
  • Establishes a Local Presence
  •  Projects a Professional Front
  • Increases productivity

It enables you to get get virtual phones that you can access from anywhere, irrespective of the device. With few to no hardware needs, a virtual phone number is cost-efficient and provides the agility every business needs today.

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Task Management Tools

An upgraded version of to-do lists, task management tools enables you to manage numerous projects and large teams. 

Plan, organize, prioritize and accomplish your tasks with effective collaboration with this powerful tool. 

Here are some of the robust features a task management tool offers

  • Create and assign tasks
  • Define dependencies
  • Built-in calendar
  • Time tracking
  • Project status in real-time

There are comprehensive task management tools available. First, define your project needs and find the right fit. Then, get the best out of your teams and time with the right task management tool.

Social Media Scheduling Tools

A solid social media presence for every company is non-negotiable today, which brings us to social media scheduling tools.  

Are you someone who deals with the painful activity of uploading your social content on various platforms. Subscribing to scheduling tools will help you automate your tasks and cut your time on social media in half.

Here are four reasons to Invest in a Social Media Scheduling Tool

  • Schedule your content in advance
  • Manage multiple accounts from a single window
  • Measure your engagement
  • Get consistent and establish content uniformity

Hootsuite, Agorapulse, Buffer, Sprout Social are a few tools you can try out. Every tool has its own set of advantages. See what suits your needs the best.

Document Collaboration Tools

With the upcoming hyper-flexible workplaces, collaboration can get challenging. 

If two people need to work on the same project document, would they send across the document with every single suggestion, wait for the partner to approve, and update it? Imagine the number of times they’ll have to repeat the process. This is just one scenario. 

What would you do when an entire team is working on the same project needs to access and edit documents at the same time. Document collaboration tools are the solution to it.

You have control over who can access your files. Share your documents with your team without losing control over them. Google Drive and Dropbox are few such tools that enable you to manage, share and edit your files in real-time.

Digital Signature Tools

Modern problems require modern solutions. If your workforce is spread globally, getting a document approved and signed can be challenging for you. 

Hopping from one place to another and checking for the signature to get your documents approved is another process we need to optimize.

Did you ever get a chance to calculate the amount of time such tedious tasks eat up? Well, the verdict isn’t out yet. But, we are sure it is a lot!

So, here is the tool that makes your life easier. HelloSign offers Qualified Electronic Signatures by digitizing your signatures. Yup! You can now free yourself from the hassle of printing documents, copying them, and hopping from desk to desk to get them signed.

In the end, always remember – It isn’t just the right tools that’ll get you to the top, but how you implement them. 

“It is essential to have good tools, but it is also essential that the tools should be used in the right way.” 

There is a tool for every problem. Find yours here.

We hope this list empowers your business. Do you use any tools to increase your business efficiency? Do let us know about it in the comments below.