3 tips to choose the best broad-spectrum CBD for you!

If you want to use the medicinal properties of marihuana to help you destress after long work days, relieve chronic anxiety, free yourself from depression, or fight constant joint pain and muscle aches, you will enjoy using topical creams and oils for your overall health and wellbeing. Instead of taking harsh painkillers or prescription drugs that can get you to become addicted over time, you can use all-natural methods that are better for your mind and body.

3 tips to choose the best broad-spectrum CBD!

Before we can give you tips on how to choose the best broad-spectrum CBD for you and your lifestyle, we need to go over the difference between full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD. Visit Wisdom Essentials to learn more about it.

  • Full-spectrum CBD: full spectrum CBD contains small amounts of THC below 0.3%, meaning it won’t produce any psychoactive properties but it does contain this part of the cannabis plant.
  • Broad-spectrum CBD: in comparison, broad-spectrum CBD does not contain any CBD at all, meaning it is pure 100% CBD without any parts of the cannabis plant mixed into the product.

When comparing both of these products, there are many pros of using full-spectrum CBD. One of the biggest benefits is that you can benefit from having various parts of the cannabis plant in one, providing the user with sweet-smelling terpenes and the positives of both CBD and THC in one product.

However, broad-spectrum CBD is a good choice for those who do not want any of the euphoric or ‘high’ feeling you get from ingesting the THC part of the cannabis plant. In this case, it helps people who just want the medical properties of marijuana.

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Made with US-grown hemp

One of the best tips for choosing broad-spectrum CBD is ensuring the product is only made with US-grown hemp. This means you know exactly where the product is coming from and you know the testing procedures. Being fully transparent about the growing process, the company standards, and the products used is essential to be comfortable about what you are putting in or on your body.

Contains maximum of 0.3% THC

The next step in figuring out how to choose the best broad-spectrum CBD is by ensuring the product has no more than 0.3% THC. if you find a product that seems promising and uses US-grown hemp, but has over 0.3%, this is not the best option for you. Make sure you read the labels and ensure the company is following the proper protocols when it comes to making broad-spectrum CBD products, such as topicals and creams.

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Passes quality tests

If you are buying broad-spectrum CBD, you need to make sure the product you will use passes all necessary tests for quality and health. Ensure the product passes tests regarding molds, heavy metals, and pesticides.


When buying broad-spectrum CBD, make sure you choose the best quality product so that you can feel confident while using your new product for optimal health. Ensure the product you choose is made with US-grown hemp, contains no more than 0.3% THC, and passes quality control tests.