Why Every Business In The UK Needs a Website

You don’t have a website? But it’s 2021. Every business in the U.K. needs a website, and you’re going to see just some of the reasons why today!

Most Consumers Search Online

First and foremost, the goal of marketing has always been to have a presence in front of the consumers. If people watch TV, you advertise on TV. The audience has moved online, so you must move online. According to Oberlo, as many as 85% of people research online before purchasing a product. What’s more, a large percentage of consumers research online before visiting a physical store.

Therefore, whether you sell products online or in a physical shop, a website WILL help. When consumers start their online research, you want them to discover your brand, right?

Competitors Have One

With more and more consumers researching online before spending money, the only thing you’ll achieve without a website is these consumers discovering your competitors. Do you want potential leads to discover your competitors rather than your own service? No, and a website is just one step to prevent this.

If you want to compete with other brands this year, a new website in the UK is an absolute must.

Local SEO

But I don’t need a website because I’m only interested in local customers’ – this is the battle cry of many small businesses, but it’s no longer a valid reason to forgo a website. Nowadays, there’s such a thing as local SEO, and it helps to encourage local people towards your business.

If you have your phone next to you now, open Google and search for a local hair salon. Rather than the simple page results, you’ll see that Google now offers actual names of local businesses. You’ll also see their opening hours, contact details, and position on a map relative to your own.

You can achieve this through local SEO, and you’ll ensure that people searching for a business like yours will discover your name before others. This works whether you’re a hair salon, garden centre, restaurant, or another business entirely. If you don’t have a website, customers can’t learn more and are likely to go elsewhere.

24/7 Availability

The internet doesn’t close at 5 pm, and neither does the interest of prospective customers. Whether commuting, lounging on the sofa, or lying in bed unable to sleep, one of the first things people pick up is their mobile device. Why make your business uncontactable after 5 pm when you can welcome all visitors with a website?

Even after you leave the office, even when all employees are asleep, your website generates leads and customers. You could wake up to emails, phone calls, and visits just because of your website.

Credibility and Reputation

These days, a website is an instant source of credibility for a business. If a customer finds your brand name and types it into Google to find no website, they immediately question the credibility and reputation of the brand. If something goes wrong, where do they contact you? Where do they go for contact details? A website, no matter how simple (you don’t need to win any awards!), helps.

Save Time and Resources

Do you find yourself answering the same questions day after day? Well, you could save yourself some time with a website. Rather than phoning with a question or going elsewhere, customers learn everything they need from your website. Your team has more time to focus on more critical tasks, and the business grows.

Here are some other reasons why every business needs a website:

  • Control the brand message and reputation
  • It’s easy (and cheap!)
  • Boost revenue and profit
  • Showcase products/services
  • Get Google traffic
  • Increase visibility