Which is the Best Form of Learning?

The world is adapting to the changes due to global coronavirus. Our education system has also converted virtual, and today we are working smoothly virtually. Many online teaching apps are coming up with unique innovations that help teachers take online classes.

While learning online, we get to discover various styles to teach online. Today we will discuss different learning styles and determine which will be the best learning style for students. There are various learning types, such as visual learning, verbal learning, social learning, and auditory learning. Today we will learn about all of them and figure out which will be the best form of learning and why?

Various learning styles help the students to enhance their skills. Some of the different Learning styles are as mentioned below:

Visual Learning

Visual learners can retain information for an extended time. According to the research, 65% of students are visual learners. Learners choose visual methods such as videos, graphs, documentaries, diagrams, and so on for effective learning. The learners who prefer visual learning can quickly excel in their academics. Moreover, online teachers also prefer teaching by taking the help of visuals. Therefore, it is a well-suited learning style for online learners.

Verbal Learning

Verbal learning is pretty tricky than any other form of learning. These learners catch the piece of information by writing, reading, speaking, on listening. Moreover, verbal learners can discuss the concepts and understand them better than others. It is because their minds are sharp, and they can summarise information in a short period.

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Social Learning

Some students learn better when they interact or discuss with someone. The students like more to work in group activities and are highly active in class discussions. While studying on online platforms, these students learn better as the interaction is more. They like to engage themselves more and prefer group work. Additionally, these people facilitate any work quickly and are always ready to help others. Social learners are social butterflies of our society.

Auditory Learning

An auditory learner can learn by hearing and information. Further, children who can retain the verbal information provided by instructors are good auditory learners. In addition, these kids love to participate in class discussions and have appropriate social skills. Moreover, these youngsters ask plenty of questions in different ways.

These are the various form of learning. Currently, auditory learning is most beneficial for kids. So let us find out how?

Strengths of Auditory Learning

Auditory learners have plenty of skills. These children are good listeners, debates, and speakers. Let us look at some other strengths of auditory learning.


 Auditory learning can help your child to become multitasking. Researchers of this learning claim that learning by ear helps a child to be versatile or multitasking. These youngsters can accomplish multiple tasks at one time. Auditory learning makes the learning style different and exciting. Teachers must give particular instructions verbally to their kids so that they can develop aural learning skills. These skills help the children in their whole life. Children with poor auditory skills leave behind in their lives.

Better Retention

 This is quite obvious that auditory learning helps the child in increasing retention power. One needs to focus more to develop better auditory learning skills. Kids who advocate for auditory learning are good listeners, and they can retain information for a longer time. For example, parents can play specific audio while traveling to a place. Later they can ask their kids about what they could control. It helps to improve auditory learning skills.

Moreover, some children are social butterflies, and they have extraordinary retaining skills. For example, youngsters with better auditory skills can milk friends easily and have more confidence. Also, these kids are always enthusiastic.

Learning and Literacy

 Auditory learning has many educational benefits. Kids require critical listening, thinking, and comprehension skills. Thus, auditory learning is best for them. It helps in improving focus, attention, memory, and many other skills in children. In addition, according to some reports, learning with visuals and auditory learning helps the child improve overall understanding of new concepts.


Listening is a significant factor in any language development. Kids also learn at a faster pace when they listen to anything. They develop their pronunciation, fluency, and vocabulary only by listening. Thus, auditory learning can help the children in reading with accuracy and better literacy overall. Therefore, parents must work to develop auditory learning skills in children.