When to Use Your Woozy Face Emoji

Is it intoxicated? Hungover? Hangry? Are you perplexed by the present condition of events in your country? It doesn’t make a difference. Every situation calls for our new favorite emoji, which we’ve dubbed “the woozy face emoji,” and we’ve recently observed an increase in its use among our group texting friends.

Perhaps it’s because of the news. Are you perplexed by the summary of special counsel Robert Mueller’s conclusions provided by the Justice Department? Emoji has a sour taste in it. Is it more fun to argue with your pals over whether Elizabeth Holmes’ black turtleneck uniform is stylish or sociopathic? Emoji has a sour taste in it.


Apple released its iOS 12.1 software update, which included several new emojis. Additionally, animals, foods, characters with curly hair, and bald individuals were introduced in Apple’s most recent update, along with the drunk emoji face.

The emojis were shown off on World Emoji Day, which took place in July. “Emojis are widely used to communicate by people all around the world,” Apple pronounced in a statement. The latest emoji for moon cake, red gift envelope, and Nazar amulet are among the new characters added to the keyboard in iOS 12.1 to better reflect people throughout the world. Some other response emojis include a frozen face, one with a begging expression, and one with love surrounding it.

What does the emoji with a woozy face mean?


A woozy smiley indicates that you are in a situation where your ideas are jumbled, and you cannot make rational decisions. All of this is because you’ve had a bit too much to drink today, which is the root of the problem. The only thing you’re feeling right now is comfortable and dizzy since you’ve just let yourself some booze. For all that you cannot walk straight, your eyes move independently of one another, and your Face has an unusual grin on it; you are a happy person. Alternatively, perhaps you rolled on the carousel? No, the Dizzy Face is a whole other story.


The woozy face emoji indicates that you’ve had one work, or perhaps a few too many. It can also suggest that the person is tired, excessively emotional, or just bewildered, among other things. Alternatively, a famous meme depicts the stupid expression that males adopt when they attempt to appear seductive in a photograph.

Head over heels in love

A yellow face with a crumpled mouth and a cockeyed look, as if weary and emotional from inebriation or infatuated with love, can be seen in this illustration. With raised or furrowed brows and at least one eye half-open, this character is shown. WhatsApp’s design has a tongue that is protruding from the screen.


The connotation of dizziness varies considerably, but it often communicates feelings of drunkenness or infatuation. In addition to astonishment, anger, contempt, fatigue, wackiness, and total contentment are all possible emotions or moods represented by the dazed look of the animal.

Hangover Face

Woozy Face is the etymology of the phrase Hangover Face. It is also referred to as Drunk Face, Hangover Emoji, Alcohol Face, or Face With Uneven Eyes and Wavy Mouth, among other things. This emoji depicts a yellow face with a wavy mouth, which is represented by the color yellow. Apart from that, the Drunken Face twists his eyes and raises an eyebrow.

Depending on the platform, you may also be able to see the pupils of the emoji, which is rare for emojis in general because they are usually closed. However, what is the meaning of the symbol on WhatsApp and Facebook? 

Earlier today, you still had the Partying Face on your Face, and now you had the Face on your Face. You’re suffering from a hangover from yesterday’s party and would like to spend the entire day in bed? You stayed up all night binging your favorite series, and now you have to wake up because you have to go to school? These are the absolute circumstances in which to employ the emoji. Examples of appropriate usage include: “The celebration yesterday was even too difficult for me.” or “I need to get some sleep to get over my hangover.” 

Woozy Face Emoji Typing Guidelines

There are several different ways to type the Woozy Face Emoji. It is simplest to copy and paste, but alternative techniques like Windows alt-codes and HTML entities (for websites) are also often used.

The following Copy and Paste Emoji List may be used for one-at-a-time copying and pasting of emoji, or the following Online Emoji Keyboard can be used to create your complete message using emoji.

Make a copy and paste emoji

It is pretty simple to obtain the Woozy Face Emoji on both a computer and a mobile device, even if you do not have an emoji keyboard loaded. All you have to do is pick, copy, and paste the following symbol: 🥴

Select this like you would any other text and copy it to the clipboard. After that, navigate to another website or program and copy and paste the emoji using the context menu or keyboard shortcuts. Use the Ctrl/Cmd+C keys to copy emoji and the Ctrl/Cmd+V keys to paste emoji into your document.

Alternative codes for emoji in Windows

In Microsoft Windows, it is simple to enter emoji or any other Unicode character with a code value up to U+0ffff by using the alt-code for that character. Here are the steps to take.

  1. Keep the Alt key pressed and held down on the keyboard.
  2. On the number keyboard, press the Plus (+) button.
  3. Type the hexadecimal Unicode value digit-by-digit in the appropriate field.
  4. Release the Alt key, and your character will appear on the screen.

Note 1: This technique is only valid for the Unicode codepoints U+0ffff and the second note below.

Note 2: If this method does not work for you, you should examine the Windows Registry for any possible causes. Please don’t try this if you do not understand what the Windows Registry is.


Avoid misconceptions by carefully reading the text and seeing the images before sending them to someone: some emojis do not imply what you believe they mean!

Even if an emoji sign or smiley seems to be a black square or a question mark, the online site or application where you put it will most likely transform it into a suitable picture for display. Visit EmojiGuide.com to get your best woozy face emoji!