Understanding Independent Living

You want a new home with the comfort and privacy of your current home. But you also want the security and peace of mind offered by a community environment, not to mention the convenience of nearby access to all the things you need to stay healthy, feel good and have fun.

Independent living may be the right fit for you.

Independent living residences offer the advantages of community with the comfort of a private residence. You may be surprised, but your lifestyle will probably improve in your new environment.

You’ll have access to community recreation like walking paths and parks. You’ll be invited to activities like movie screenings and game nights. You’ll make new friends, people like you, retired but not out-of-commission; active adults who enjoy the freedom and dignity of an independent lifestyle.

General Services that Most Independent Living Communities Offer

Independent living communities provide private settings for residents. You control your environment. At the same time, independent living residences offer assistance with some of those tasks that have become a bit more challenging in recent years.

Independent living communities, sometimes referred to as senior housing, senior apartments or retirement communities, are designed for seniors that are still active, fully ambulatory and who don’t have major health issues requiring advanced assistance with activities of daily living. The level of general services available will differ quite dramatically between one independent living community and the next, however general services typically include the basics, like landscaping and home maintenance, while additional services like cleaning, cooking, laundry and even transportation can be provided as desired.

When an Independent Living Community Becomes the Right Choice

Leaving your home may be a very difficult choice. You probably have a lot of really great memories in that house. You may wonder where your family will gather if you have a smaller residence – where will everyone spend holidays and special occasions?

These are real concerns and ones that most residents of independent living communities have had to wrestle with when making the decision.

The residents you’ll meet have chosen their new home because of the services available to them, the security these communities provide, and the friends they make in the community. You may find those reasons speak to you too.

There are so many advantages to independent, community living, but one of the biggest may be peace of mind. Independent living residences offer a safe environment, usually with gated and guarded entrances, grounds and common areas that are safe and beautifully maintained, and practiced emergency procedures and protocols in place.