The Environmental Importance of Investing in Furniture Covers

What do you think will happen to the furniture item you’re currently sitting on? Will it be passed to future generations of your family, or will it end up in the dumpster somewhere? If you’re mildly aware of the “fast furniture culture” that we’re currently living in, your guess will be the latter.

According to recent statistics, nine tons of furniture items end up in landfills every year. Although most homeowners want to live sustainably and contribute to the environment, their actions suggest otherwise. No homeowner is willing to overextend him or herself for the sake of the environment.  

Buying or renting new furniture items is are much easier options than maintaining old pieces of furniture. If you’re a homeowner who wants to contribute to the environment, your first step should be preserving all the furniture items that you already own. Don’t contribute to the tons of furniture items that end up in dumpsters and landfills every year.

Thankfully, being an eco-friendly furniture owner isn’t that difficult. Furniture maintenance can be challenging, especially if your furniture items are made of wood. This naturally moisture absorbing and releasing material needs to be protected from external weather elements, or else it will crack into pieces and rot.

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How to Protect Your Old Furniture Items?

Homeowners don’t have to spend too much to become environmentally conscious furniture owners. Be it an old piece of wooden furniture or a sofa – with high-quality furniture covers, they can preserve their furniture items for decades. These protective covers are available in the market in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Also known as ‘slipcovers,’ they can be used to protect and preserve all kinds of furniture items, including – standard chairs, recliner/wing chairs, standard sofas, sectional sofas, ottomans, and many more. Here’s how these slipcovers benefit homeowners and the environment –

  • Furniture Preservation – Just by reusing one slipcover for one piece of furniture, homeowners can protect that item for decades. These covers create safe and protected spaces for furniture items. Inside these covers, the furniture items stay protected from oxygen damage, dust damage, corrosion risks, pest damage, and sunlight damage.  The longer the furniture items are stored inside these protective table and chair covers, the longer they last!
  • Cost-Efficiency – Instead of buying new furniture items every decade, users can protect their old furniture items with these covers and reuse them for decades. Hence their contributions to dumpsters and landfills are immediately reduced.
  • Reusable – The best sofa and chair slipcovers are reusable. Made of machine-washable fabrics, these covers can absorb a lot of dust and germs. At the end of each day, homeowners can wash their slipcovers and reuse them as brand-new items. The covers make sure dust particles don’t negatively impact the furniture items. If they become dirty and germ-infested, washing them is very easy.

The best sellers create customized slipcovers that perfectly suit the sizes and shapes of their clients’ furniture items. Homeowners only have to spend a couple of minutes to slip these covers on and off their furniture items.