The Basics of Any Survival Kit

You never know when a crisis could occur, whether it’s a Category 5 storm or the zombie apocalypse. Always being ready is essential to your survival, regardless of the impending disaster. It may be necessary to leave your house extremely soon in some situations, so it’s important to put together your gear well in advance and have it nearby. Start by checking that you have all these necessities by scrolling through our gallery.

Items You’ll Need


You’ll be grateful that you prepared nonperishable food products in advance if a power outage renders your area without electricity—and prevents access to grocery stores. Experts say that if you leave, you’ll need three days’ worth of food; if you stay home, make sure you have two weeks’ worth of prepared food on hand.


Clean drinking water might not be easily accessible after a severe weather event. Have enough bottled water on hand to last two weeks, or at least one gallon per person every day.

Multifunctional Tool

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Invest in a versatile, all-purpose tool to be ready for anything. The majority of products on the market include Allen wrenches, screwdrivers, pokers, saw blades, bottle openers, scissors, serrated knives, and metal files. When selecting the best one for you, consider its strength, use, and comfort.

Medical Kit

A well-stocked first aid kit is useful to have on hand even when no danger is imminent. Include all the necessary supplies, such as painkillers, antibacterial creams, rubbing alcohol, bandages, and any prescription drugs your family might require. Check the expiration dates frequently, and replace everything that has passed its prime. Wherever you can quickly get it in an emergency, keep the stockpile.

Items for personal hygiene and sanitation

Don’t forget the fundamentals. You’ll need goods, like toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, and soap, to help you maintain your daily hygiene regimen if you’re without electricity for days. Everybody has different needs, so make sure you have everything each member of your family regularly utilizes.

Personal Document Copies

Important personal documents should be kept in your go-bag with the rest of your belongings. Make duplicates of your family’s passports, driver’s licenses, social security cards, birth certificates, and house titles to protect yourself from losing important legal papers. Additionally, have a list of crucial phone numbers handy, including those of your bank, insurance provider, and a few relatives you can readily call in an urgent situation.

Flashlight and radio

After a storm, arm yourself with a radio and a flashlight to keep informed of emergency announcements so that you aren’t left in the dark. If you choose battery-powered gadgets over self-powered ones, be sure to pack an extra set of batteries too. 

Mobile device and charger

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Your mobile phone is your sole source of communication if the landlines go down. On a mobile device, you can still send texts, make calls, send emails, post on social media, and check applications like the Red Cross’ preparation apps. You should also bring at least a 20 000mah power bank so you may charge your phone completely even if there is no electricity available.

Extra Money

In case of an emergency, you might not be able to use your credit card or have access to a bank, so keep some additional cash on hand. One never knows what one could require to purchase.

Safety First

Being ready is always a good thing. Keep these supplies on hand so that you are prepared for any emergency. Additionally, make your storage kit to store inside the car in case an emergency may happen on the road.

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Bottom Line

Being prepared at all times will surely be an advantage to you so that you will not end up in a panic in the event of an emergency. So, make sure that you pack your emergency bag today so that you will not have to worry about a thing in the future.