Surrogacy in Mexico: Types, Price, And Features

Surrogacy is an assisted reproductive technology (ART), one of the methods of infertility treatment that allows people deprived of the ability to give birth to become genetic parents.

The concept of surrogacy involves a double phenomenon: 1) when a woman gives birth to a child conceived by two donors; 2) when a woman gives birth to a child conceived from her egg and the sperm of a man she does not know. In both cases, it is stipulated that this woman, i.e. a surrogate mother, does not claim the social role of the mother of a baby.

Surrogacy is prohibited in a number of countries, while in others it is legal. For example, surrogacy process is permitted in Mexico, and only for married couples. Even LGBT (gay men, lesbian, transgender, and bisexual) can get such services. In this article, we will consider the types and features of surrogacy in this country and determine the main role of a surrogate mother Mexico, based on the material of the best clinic World Center of Baby.

Different Types of Surrogacy in Mexico and The Role of Surrogate Moms

Motherhood, which is intended to become a global experience for women, in its surrogate form is divided into three types: 

  1. Genetic;
  2. Gestational;
  3. Social.

The concept of genetic surrogacy implies using the genetic material. The gestational mother is the one who carries a pregnancy, while the social mother takes care of the child after birth and takes responsibility for its upbringing. The professionals working in the World Center of Baby indicate that in the case of surrogacy, one woman can be a mother in one or two types of motherhood.

Altruistic and Commercial Surrogacy

Depending on the paid or free basis, surrogacy is divided into two types:

  • Altruistic;
  • Commercial.

According to the World Center of Baby, altruistic surrogacy does not involve payment for the services of a surrogate mother. Thus, there is no need to pay for services. But all medical activities and consultations related to the use of ART, necessary medicines, food, transportation cost, and other expenses are paid.

In the case of commercial surrogacy, in addition to the above fees, the surrogate mother also receives monetary compensation. The amount of such monetary compensation is determined by the agreement of the parties. However, surrogacy cost Mexico is often much more than $ 25,000. According to Mexican law, payments can be made in cash or non-cash. The non-cash form of payment made through banks is the most acceptable in the case of surrogacy, as each party will be able to prove the transfer or receipt of funds. Potential parents (mom and dad) can transfer funds to the account or bank card of the surrogate mother.

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