Studying from Home? Make Sure You Have These Items to Maximise Your Productivity

Whether you had just started college or were wrapping up your final semester, learning online has been a challenge over the past year. You’ve had to get used to video conferencing platforms, network issues, disruptions and glitches and a whole lot more. Not to mention that it’s way more difficult to pay attention to a laptop screen in an empty room in a PG in Delhi, than in a packed classroom with your friends and classmates. So, if you’re studying online, and don’t see in-person classes starting anytime soon, here are the items that can help you cut down on the daydreaming and maximise your productivity.

Before we dive into the list, let’s start by saying that it’s important to have a designated study area. A desk or worktable is preferable as you can allocate it to be your study space and keep all your materials in one place. But if you don’t have room for a desk and you’re studying from your bed, please invest in a folding table that you can place on it. Not only will you have a work top on which to place your laptop and notes, you’ll also have a physical barrier that’ll stop you from falling asleep in the middle of your lecture. So, once you’ve got a work surface in place, you can ensure you have all the following items on it so that you’re on top of your studying game.


You’re in the middle of a debate. You’re about to make a killer argument that will demolish the competition. You come off mute and begin speaking. And then your screen turns black. Yup, you’ve run out of battery and your laptop just died. Now you must go grab your charger from where it’s kept, plug your computer back in, wait for it to start, log back onto your class, and by then you’ve forgotten the argument you had in the first place. The perils of the virtual world. Cut down on the disruption by having your charger ready and plugged in during your online classes or study sessions. You can keep an eye on your battery level and switch it on only when needed, but having your charger within reach will ensure you can remedy any low power issues much faster. 

Notebook and Pen

Say what you will about the convenience of MS Word and Google Docs but sometimes nothing can beat a pen and paper. And online classes are one of those times. Because when you’re logged into a lecture on Zoom, you want to focus on paying attention to what your professor is saying, not be distracted by switching tabs constantly. Having a notebook and a pen with you makes it a lot easier to take notes undisturbed, and helps you remember content better. And yes, the notebook comes in handy for doodling when you’re bored too.

Post-it notes

With everything virtual these days, it can be difficult to keep track of all that’s going on. Especially when it comes to college, you could have multiple assignments, submissions, applications or scholarships to keep track of. And the sheer volume of these dates and times can sometimes leave you confused or make you miss a deadline. An easy way to solve this is by using sticky notes or post it notes. Write down these important reminders for yourself and stick them on your laptop itself. They’ll be right in front of you so you won’t lose or forget them, and you can easily replace them when you’re done with a task. These post-it notes also come in handy when you’re revising for a test, you can use them as flashcards or to highlight important sections from your notes.

Water bottle

A hydrated mind is a happy mind. Seriously, being dehydrated will not just make you feel physically low but can also impair your concentration and clear thinking. We know, sometimes you’re so caught up in your revision that you forget to get up and grab a glass of water even when you’re thirsty. That’s where having a water bottle on your desk comes in. You won’t have to worry about getting up or losing your place in a chapter as you’ll have water at your elbow when you need it. Getting a brightly coloured water bottle can also encourage you to drink more water, ensuring that you stay hydrated and have energy for your studies. Plus, if you’re drinking water regularly, you’re less likely to depend on sugar or caffeine-heavy drinks to quench your thirst, so your physical health will improve too.

A plant

Did you know that just looking at a plant could help you feel calmer and reduce your stress levels? And if there’s one thing that can be stressful, it’s studying. What better reason to get a plant pal for your desk! There are plenty of low maintenance indoor plants that are quite inexpensive to buy. They’ll give your room a pop of colour and brighten up your space as well. But their main use will be to give you an outlet from all that screen time. Studying online puts quite a huge strain on your eyes. But studies show that spending some time looking at greenery can help to ease that burden. If your PG in Laxmi Nagar, Delhi, won’t let you have a plant for your room, why not place your desk against a window, so that you can take a break by looking at the greenery outside. This small step can revitalise you and improve the quality of your work.

With these five items, you’ll be way ahead of your classmates in terms of productivity. So, if any of these items are missing from your study area, make sure you add them in from today. The difference will blow your mind.