Reasons Why Electric Scooters Have Taken the World by Storm

Electric scooters resting on a pavement

If you see electric scooters around you every day, then you, like a ton of other city dwellers, must be wondering about the recent surge in these vehicles. It is not just your imagination; electric scooters seriously have surged in numbers and are now extremely common with commuters in the urban setting.

Electric scooters happen to be fast and fun and are made for almost everyone. Almost all major cities over the world and, especially in Australia,are host to a number of such electrically powered scooters. Such is the power of this industry that automotive giants like Ford have shown interest in stepping into it and develop pro scooters for riders.

News of interest from industry giants has resulted in positive waves of change for electric scooters as sales have rocketed up and commuters have shown trust in them.

In this article, we look at some of the reasons why electric scooters have taken the urban world by storm. Let us look at these reasons and explicate this modern form of commute.


The cost of a typical electric scooter is around $500. However, you can get good options under $500 as well and can pay more than this to get some decent models. Compare this to the cost of a car, the cost of a bike and the cost of taking public transit on a regular basis, and you will come to find the cost benefit of commuting through these amazing scooters.

Going for an electric scooter eliminates the high cost of oil changes, gas, repairs and other maintenance costs that come from owning a motor vehicle. Urban dwellers who commute to and from work recognize the utility and cost savings of e scooters, which is why sales have gone up.


Electric scooters are extremely convenient. Besides the obvious cost disadvantage of owning a car, car owners have to go through unnecessary hassle in traffic and then in parking their car. Electric scooters are convenient to travel in and can easily be packed with you. You can try one before you buy a new electric scooter to get a feel of the experience.

The convenience of electric scooters makes it fairly easy for commuters to not only travel to and from work but also go out with friends or to the movies.

Fun to Travel In

The practicalities of cost and convenience aside, electric scooters are fun to travel in. Scooters come with a cool look to them and allow you to feel like a kid again. Additionally, since these scooters are growing in popularity, you get to be a part of the ‘in’ crowd by owning one.

It is a win-win for you as you ride around conveniently without dropping on the style. Most scooters travel at up to 15 mph, which is fast enough to get you to work in time and perfect for a fun experience.

Better for the Environment

Those of our readers who have an eye on the environment and want to chip in through their own ways would be pleased to know that electric scooters are beneficial for the environment. Almost 70 percent of all consumers today care about the environment around them and electric scooters give them a chance to make a positive impact and drop unfriendly commuting habits.

No Fuss

Taking our point for added convenience forward, electric scooters come without the additional fuss of traffic, car maintenance, regular oil changes, insurance and a lot more. Not only do you get an easy commuting solution, but you also save yourself from the added stress and tension of owning a car. Parents can also buy one for their kids to help them commute cost-efficiently without the added stress and maintenance of a four-wheeler.

Electric scooters popped up in the mainstream scene fairly recently and have now become extremely common across urban areas. The more city dwellers use these scooters, the more they sing praises of their convenience and cost savings. All adults in Melbourne can learn more about riding these e scooters by visiting