Range Hood 101: Everything You Need to Know About This Kitchen Appliance

Copper range hoods are a beautiful addition to a kitchen renovation. You can create a custom- designed range hood as an elegant focal point for your kitchen, with a variety of styles and finishes to choose from.

Equally important are the internal components of your range hood. You want to ensure that the hood removes smoke and particulates from the air in your kitchen to keep you and your family safe and healthy.

To enhance the functionality of your range hood you will need a range hood insert fan and other components installed with your unit.

Choosing a Range Hood Insert Fan

To choose the correct range hood insert fan for your range hood, you will need to consider what the fan will do, where it will be located, and what power motor it will need.

First, you will need to decide whether you need a fan for an external ventilation system that removes the air from the kitchen through ductwork or a fan that circulates the air back into the kitchen with a ductless system. You may decide this by whether your home already has external ventilation ductwork or choose to install ductwork with your kitchen remodel.

How to Select a Fan for an External Ventilation System

If you’ve determined you will need a fan for external ventilation, you can purchase either an integrated or remote blower. An integrated blower is located inside of your copper range hood and a remote blower is located somewhere else on the ductwork system. Remote blowers tend to be quieter but integrated blowers are easier to install.

Selecting a Filter for your Range Hood

If your home does not have a duct system, your fan will remove the air from your kitchen, pass it through a filter, and recirculate the air back into the kitchen. If you do have a duct system, the air will pass through the filter and out of the house. You will want a charcoal or aluminum filter. Charcoal filters are cheaper but need to be replaced every six months. Aluminum filters are more expensive but washable and reusable, saving you money in the long run.

Powering Your Range Hood Fan

You will need to choose a range hood insert fan motor with the right level of power to remove smoke from your kitchen. The size of the motor will depend on the diameter of your external ventilation ductwork. Wider ductwork will require a larger motor.

Other Features of a Fan Hood Liner

Other features of a fan hood liner include lighting to illuminate your cooking space and dampers to add to the vents. Making the right selections on additional features can really elevate the functionality of your range hood.

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Creating Superior Design and Functionality

Copper range hoods are an excellent design choice for your kitchen that can actually increase the value of your home. You’ll want to ensure that superior functionality matches the esthetic by selecting the right range hood insert fan for your unit. By combining design with quality internal components, you’ll guarantee your range hood will serve you and your family for years to come.