Optimize your TikTok bio with these 5 hacks

TikTok is one of the most popular social platforms now. With over 50 million users on its platform, it even competes with Instagram on a base level. You can easily get hold of a TikTok account and make a business boost out of it. Similar to Instagram and Facebook, it works via hashtags, one of the best tools to keep working with. Well, if you are in for a treat, here is a way to Optimize your TikTok bio with Social Scrape and these 5 hacks.

Optimize your TikTok bio with these 5 hacks

TikTok platform does play a very important in your business if you are ready to comply with it. That means you need to go with the flow of the platform. 

But other than that, your business leads are on your hand. 

Want to get more out of TikTok than just some likes and followers? Let us get right into it. 

To understand these hacks at best, first, you need to be clear on this thing. 

The platform does have brilliant opportunities to get your real popular in a very short time. And short time means, really short. Less time than what Google can specifically do with your website in a single year. 

But this is not just all. You can do some modifications to your strategies on TikTok to make more engagement. And it is not at all hard. 

Well, let us get to Optimize your TikTok bio with these 5 hacks. 

1. First, Explain your business clearly.

Make sure your business explanation is clean, short, and easily understandable. People don’t have time to read your hyper vocabulary. Nor they will spend even that time looking at it. 

For example, if you’re a chef and a pastry expert, you can just write “Chef”, or “Cake Expert” and similar things. If you are selling those as products, like cake deliveries, bakeries, you can use “buy cakes”, “pastry seller”. 

Well, these are not the best options for you to go for, but they do kick in the sample idea. 

Make sure to make your profile description, short. Two words are best, three words are good and four words should be maximum. The lesser the words, the lesser is time taken to understand them. 

Never undervalue your brand. Use words precisely to let users know what you are doing exactly. 

2. Use emojis if possible

Your description can be made meaningful with a single emoji. This might sound naïve to you, but emojis are best for explaining your job. 

If you don’t know, A ton of emojis is designed to explain positions, jobs, foods, things, and a lot of items in one single micro picture. And there is a 95% chance, you will get your job emoji.

When you have got one, use it in your profile. Just stick it aside from your business description and it will look good. Sometimes, people use emojis to mention their extra businesses too. 

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3. Utilize CTAs or Call To Action

This is where it gets interesting.

Your business may be a website or a simple e-commerce site where you sell products. People living in the same locality or region(<100KM) can purchase your products. Or even expect a delivery. 

To accomplish this using usual Google-style ads (or technically, Inorganic ads), you will need a lot of money. With TikTok, that’s free. 

You can set up a landing page and then just wait for people to click on it. 60% of CTA designers or social media landing page services are free. All they cost is your account and nothing else. To Optimize your TikTok bio with these 5 hacks, this is the best among all of them. If you receive verification error while accessing Google Search, please solve this error using Traffico Anomalo Google.

This might look hard, but all you do is create a separate page or a landing page. This page might include your contact info too. But in the meantime, you should direct your users to the right page. 

Are landing pages useful? 

They are very useful. They are so useful that most service brands don’t offer landing pages for free prices at all. This explains how profitable they can be once you know how to use them

Are landing pages just show off?

No. You can physically make your product ads (or in TikTok, short videos) and link them to different chapters for users. A single click on those will take the users to the right product page, from where they can directly purchase it.  

CTAs are best to make sure, your technique as well as these hacks are working. How? People might just take time to comment on your products, that they found your ad on TikTok. 

Or you can just request them to do so. 

This is how you can use CTAs to direct users/customers to your website. 

4. Never exceed the 80 character limit

Exceeding the character limit will only make your phrases longer. YouTube recommends shorter titles under 66 characters, though there is a limit of 100. When your char limit is almost 60-70%, it is easier for the platform matching algorithms to process search terms faster. 

Longer words, phrases will not do anything better. It will only slow you down behind others, even prevent you from the indexing stats. 

You would never want to be a victim of that at all. 

For this particular reason, emojis are very useful. Indeed they can save your account from back-dropping behind the ranks. 

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5. Last, Don’t forget to put your website link in your Bio

Use this specifically for either your landing page or your website. TikTok for the time offers only a single link space. Users who visit your profile will have a gaze at your content and to this link altogether.  You can connect multiple links in just one page using link in bio tool like TapBioLink

Now it depends on them to click on it or not. That also depends on how engaging, attractive and useful your short videos are to force them to go to your site. 

Well, you can now easily Optimize your TikTok bio with these 5 hacks.