Is Tourism and Hospitality Management a Good Major to Study?

A major in Tourism and Hospitality Management is ideal for those who love dealing with different people and have a passion for providing service and care. This is an industry where you will need to manage people from different societies and cultural backgrounds.

The tourism industry sees both business travelers as well as leisure travelers. As a result, every single day is busy and vibrant. It’s ideal for people who love socializing or showing the best of tourism and hospitality.

Contrary to its image, this is not seasonal because even during recessionary months, there will be travelers and hence busy for you. If you are looking for a business diploma in Toronto, you can consider this.

What is hospital management?

Hospital management is an in-depth study of the hospitality industry which involves meeting, greeting, and caring for travelers. It is, however, more complicated than that as you are the one who is in charge of the accommodation, food, and administrative arrangements of the hotel that you manage.

All these need prior education and training to prepare the graduates to take on the responsibility of people.

What are the career options after a hospitality and tourism management degree?

After graduating from this course, students can pursue a career in several interesting job profiles. Some excellent career choices available to students are:

  • in restaurants, coffee shops, lounge, casino, operator, manager, catering business, food service
  • Hotel, resort, motel, bed and breakfast, owner, or manager
  • Tour company operator or manager
  • Marketing of Tourism and travel services
  • Meeting or convention planners
  • Interpreters and Translators
  • Air cabin crew
  • Public house manager
  • Event manager
  • Tour manager or event officer

While applying to jobs, remember that several employers accept work applications from candidates from diverse backgrounds.

Who are the typical employers in this industry?

The typical employers in the hospitality and tourism industry include:

  • hotel chains
  • fast-food outlets or restaurants
  • event venues
  • airlines
  • pubs and bars

There are also several roles available across the public sector such as hospitals, local authorities, universities, etc.

You could also work in any of these roles but in a different sector like human resources, finance management, marketing, etc.

Some graduates also decide to establish their hospitality and tourism-related business. All prospects remain available to the graduates.

Skills needed to succeed in the hospitality and tourism management industry

This industry is quite demanding, given that there are so many different needs that need to be fulfilled. Some of the industry-relevant industries that you can learn from hospitality and tourism management courses are:

  • Critical, analytical thinking, and problem-solving skills: These skills are developed through research and presentations of data and arguments
  • Communication skills: professionals in this industry are required to have excellent verbal skills as they have to work with a diverse range of people, every day
  • Teamwork skills: Candidates should know how to work with a group of people who have different skillsets coming from different backgrounds. All these skills can be worked on through group assignments and work.
  • IT Skills: Candidates should have some IT skills in this industry too. Some of them are the collection, presentation, and analysis of data in spreadsheets
  • Networking skills: Candidates with good communication skills can be expected to develop their networking skills on a diverse range of people to further their career plans and work together to achieve better results. Students can join clubs, sessions, seminars, debates, etc for the same.

With so many opportunities available to students graduating with this degree, tourism and hospitality management is a good major to study. Enroll on a program today.