How to Utilize Smart Devices for Security Purposes

Home automation has never been easier, and it’s all thanks to Smart Devices. You don’t always have to have some renovations or subscribe to any security service with a bit of a hefty monthly fee – just simple installations that won’t take more than 30 minutes. The thing about Smart Devices is that they’re accessible from our phones and tablets, and when it comes to Smart Home Devices like Smart Cameras or even Video Doorbells, you can control them from the palm of your hands – remotely too. So why not use Smart Home Devices for home security?

Other than having security systems installed, which are great obviously, Smart Home Devices can also be quite useful and are a great alternative for home security. Don’t want to ruin the look of your yard with a fence? No problem! Don’t want to mount cameras onto the walls and make it obvious for intruders? Well, Smart Devices are the best alternative to that then!

Here’s a few regular Smart Home Devices that you can install around your home for their own functionalities, and simultaneously benefit from getting like your own makeshift security system. Something’s better than nothing, right?

Smart Cameras

Smart cameras are installed literally with the intention of watching over your home – and not just from the outside. Smart Cameras don’t require any professional installation services; some models are wireless while the wired ones only need to be plugged into an outlet.

They connect to the home Wi-Fi network along with a mobile application that can be downloaded onto smartphones, tablets and laptops. Through these applications viewers can watch the live video feed in HD – several cameras even have features like night vision and mobile alerts when movement is detected. Talk about modern surveillance. These domesticated web-cam resembling devices can do much more than you know.

Video Doorbells

You’ve definitely heard of video intercoms, that screen mounted on the wall with which you answered the door. Smart Video Doorbells are similar but smarter. A sleek camera doorbell installed outside the front door, with its video feed accessible from its application on your mobile phones or tablets.

Just like all smart devices, video doorbells can be answered from your phones and some are even compatible with Smart Speakers. Smart Video Doorbells display a full head-to-toe image in HD and two-way audio, with video streaming that you can rewind and watch later too. Some feature alerts are sent to your mobile phones even if someone is at the door without having rung the bell.

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Smart Door Locks

There’s always that one person that forgets to lock the door behind them. If that’s you then it’s probably time to install a smart door lock. Save your time and take a step up in the home security department!

Smart Door Locks make it easier to monitor your door, whether it’s been opened, unlocked, locked – all with the help of their mobile applications that allow for remote access. So if you forgot to lock the door just pick up your phone and do it from there. Easy! Unlock the door for your friends and family without manually having to do it yourself. It’s great for when you’re out of town and the plant babies need watering – just let people in from wherever you are! It’s much better than leaving the keys with someone.

Voice Assistant

Voice Assistants sync to other smart devices around the house. So one reason for putting this one at the end of this list is because the above-mentioned ones are compatible with Voice Assistants and Smart Speakers! Lock your doors, answer the door and turn that camera a little to the left with simple voice commands to your Voice Assistants. It is super convenient when you’re in the middle of cooking or an ongoing Zoom meeting so you don’t have to drop everything to check on what is going on. It’s like having a virtual assistant around the house. Cool right?

Final Thoughts

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