How to Make Password Protect Folders on Mac?

In the fast-paced world you have lots to store and protect from prying eyes. Then, there are chances that your private, business data and files may be accessed by other people or someone breaks into your network and accesses the stored data on your computer. So, you need to take an effective step to protect all your personal stuffs. 

Password protecting a folder is one of the effective ways to stop unauthorized person from accessing your personal things. It prevents others from viewing, editing or deleting any of your important files as you can set a password for this purpose only. And it makes easier too as we will guide you through each step by providing you readymade tools so that user can carry out tasks easily without any expertise required for this purpose. Follow the below guide to know more in detail:

Part 1: Best Free Folder Password Protection Software for Mac OS X

It’s not a difficult task to password protect a folder at all if you have simply one or two folders to do this job, but what when the number of folders required to be locked is too much and there are chances that you may forget their passwords? In such kind of case it becomes hectic for any user to remember all these individual passwords because we never want security issues with our important files and data also. Here comes the role of software that helps us in this situation by providing powerful tools with simple GUI interface so that users can easily carry out tasks without any technical knowledge. Firstly, we will discuss how the process of password protecting a folder is carried out using software and then we will look upon its main features to know more about it.

Part 2: Use Folder Lock Software to Password Protect Folders on Mac

Folder Lock is a kind of sophisticated file encryption security tool that enables you to protect your personal stuffs from unauthorized accesses by encrypting them with powerful AES-256 bit encryption algorithm. No doubt, this encryption technology is considered as the most secure for this purpose but it also makes files inaccessible to anyone who does not have correct password for this job. In addition to this, it allows creating encrypted virtual disk drives which remains visible as separate drive on your system and you can store your important data in them. You can also hide this virtual disk drive with real encrypted files to prevent others from unauthorized accesses. This software is available for trial basis so that you can evaluate it before purchasing its full version which starts at just $39.95 for ultimate protection of all your personal stuffs. Let’s see the simple steps how user can password protect a folder using Folder Lock application:

Step 1: Download and install Folder Lock software on your Mac computer. Open its main interface after successful installation where you have to select “Lock” option from menu bar to create a new locker or else, click new button available under left panel of this window to create one.

Step 2: Now, come into either step-1 or step-2 depending upon whether you are creating new locker for password protecting a folder or else, entering the existing key to lock an already created one. Insert your desired password to protect your files and click ok button.

Step 3: Now comes the part of selecting the location where you want to store your encrypted files and folders. Click “Select Folder” option under left panel of main interface and come into either file browser window to select any specific folder on your system which will be protected using its password or else, select another option available there named as “Browse for other folders” so that it’s subfolders can also be selected at time of adding them into newly created locker. However, software allows encrypting single folder only.

Step 4: Now, it’s time to decide which files shall be encrypted and which will remain visible on the system. Select “Lock Selected Items” option from main interface menu bar or right click on Windows desktop to bring presented context menu where this option is available. This action will take you into locked mode where file/folders selected in previous step can be added using drag & drop method to protect them with password by keeping their original names without any changes. Don’t mess up with additional options like adding, deleting, renaming etc that are not required at the moment because they may result in data loss due to software limitations. Once completed press ok button after confirming message popup appear on your screen if done successfully else cancel process if you want to go back.

Step 5: Once you are done with protecting your desired files and folders using Folder Lock software, press “Exit” button that appears under main interface menu bar in later part of process to take your system out from locked mode. Now comes the time where password must be entered to access this protected data in encrypted form against unauthorized accesses when necessary. You can also set master key to enhance or reset file protection so that no one other than manger can easily unlock it. Administrator’s password is needed for accessing these functions in case if provided during software installation otherwise user defined password will work fine over here. Overall, the entire process is very simple but highly secure because only authorized has complete authority over their own stuffs.