How to get the most from Instagram for your fashion brand by looking beyond Instagram likes

Both fashion brands and fashion lovers use Instagram, although for different purposes. Fashion brands use Instagram to fast-forward their branding and marketing programs to stay ahead of the competition. On the other hand, fashion enthusiasts create their fashion accounts to ensure that their Instagram feed stays updated with the latest style trends. They also consider Instagram as a VIP pass to the best fashion parties to get a peek of what is going on behind the scenes. They also see how models and celebrities create their styling in their personal lives. 

Fashion brands want to maximize the marketing outreach by using Instagram that has incredible ability to drive traffic, attract a loyal community of followers, and generate sales. Brands make the most use of Instagram not just for showcasing their identity or going along with the trend but also for engaging closely with the audience and interacting with them while sharing their experiences and ultimately selling the brand that becomes a part of their lifestyle. 

Besides knowing how to use the Instagram features to increase brand visibility, it is critical to know the tricks of generating high engagement. The secret of success on Instagram is to garner likes from the audience that reflects how much they like the content and sow the seeds of popularity.  More likes translate into more popularity, and every Instagram account strives to gather likes faster for which they buy Instagram views or likes.  You can buy any quantity of Instagram likes, from 10 likes to 50 likes and more, depending on your marketing strategy. But make sure that these likes have real people behind them to create real engagement that paves the way for revenue generation.

Why is Instagram so successful for fashion branding?

Fashion brands recognize Instagram as a powerhouse for branding and marketing that allows shopping on the platform, which puts it much ahead of other social media platforms. Instagram is a trendsetter that enables brands to create a massive following, and globally the number of fashion shoppers on Instagram is close to the billion mark spread across 120 countries.   

It makes perfect sense for fashion brands to capitalize on the visual appeal of the highly visual platform to inspire a lifestyle beyond the rack by creating new trends. Most fashion brands depend heavily on community dimensions and visuals. Community-driven purchases are derived from a sense of belonging to a group or by imitating celebrities and stars. Celebrities are the most powerful influencers on Instagram, and people are ready to adopt their style trends that influence the buying pattern of consumers. Influencers are going a step further and partnering with brands to create their fashion lines that serve mutual interests.

Fashion brands can make the best use of influencer marketing and shoppable posts, making it easy to draw all attention towards the brand.

Instagram evolved into a fashion trendsetter

The fashion industry now moves on Instagram as it is the driving force behind it as it keeps setting new trends and generates fashion inspiration. Any new fashion trend owes its popularity to Instagram, and the powers of Instagram in setting trends seem to increase every day. The biggest contribution of Instagram for fashion brands is the possibility of fashion trends becoming viral. Despite the models and celebrities on the ramp and those treading the red carpets contributing significantly to setting new trends, the Instagram fashion trends can match it in every aspect and more affordable.  

Spotting something new on Instagram receives immediate acceptance from the audience rather than waiting for a friend’s recommendation. The easy accessibility of Instagram and its no-holds-barred appeal helps to enjoy easily attainable fashion, and the combination work wonders for fashion brands.  Some of the most wanted brands on Instagram receive millions of tags and mentions that help the brands to enjoy exceptional success. 

Instagram sets the trend of conversations too

In tune with the fashion trends created on Instagram, the platform sets the tune of leading conversations that points to the audience’s taste and makes it easy to create content and reposition the products or modify it.  Over the last few years, sustainable fashion has been a hot topic on Instagram, which inspired brands to focus more intensely on sustainable materials and production techniques to garner maximum attention on Instagram.

From ‘organic cotton’ to ‘vegan leather,’ the search words bear the unmissable marks of searchers looking for sustainable materials. Taking a cue from it, the fashion brands channelize their efforts toward creating sustainable fashion and becoming the brand leaders for such products in great demand. Add to this the possibility of some celebrity endorsing the products as it happened with Veja sneakers worn by Meghan Markle on her Australia tour that sky-rocketed the searches for the product by 58%. 

The highly visual appeal of Instagram gives fashion brands the creativity and flexibility to market, not just the ‘look’ but an entire lifestyle.