How to Fill Out a Car Bill of Sale Form?

A Car Bill of Sale form is a Bill of Sale document that is used in states like Oklahoma. It verifies the sale of a car, and serves as a record for the transaction. Generally, a car seller fills it out. This is a major record that can be useful for buyers as well as sellers who are involved in the transaction of the car, and has quite a few advantages. Know all about a Bill of Sale of vehicle template, and how to fill it out. 

What Does a Car Bill of Sale Include?

This is a document that certifies the sale of a vehicle, and includes information about:

  • Purchase date 
  • The vehicle that is being sold
  • Vehicle Identification Number
  • Odometer Reading
  • Year of manufacturing 
  • Model no
  • Make 

The vehicle bill of sale Oklahoma is a document that serves as proof of proper ownership and legalises the sale and purchase of a motor vehicle. You can get a well-drafted template from CocoSign if you’re thinking about selling your automobile or property in Oklahoma. All such details have to be included in the bill of sale for automobile. Keep in mind that this document does not serve as proof of the purchase completion. You need to carry out a title transfer for the validation of the rights of the owner. It might also be necessary to get a vehicle history report for stating about the conditions of the car that is being sold. Keep in mind that a car bill of sale in a US state has no expiry date. It is completed when it is found to be suitable. 

How to fill out a Car Bill of Sale form? 

The completion of a car bill of sale is usually straightforward enough, and you need to fill out just a few fields.  Anybody who fills out this form needs to have all these details:

  • Personal details, both of seller and buyer
  • Contract value
  • Vehicle information 
  • Contract date 

All the parties must sign this contract, and therefore it goes without saying that it must have the signatures of both parties. In a few states, it is important to have the document notarized duly. You have to make sure that each and every detail in the document is up to date, and accurate. Whether it comes to the names, addresses or other information, all the things must be there in full accuracy and proper order. When you use a bill of sale in Oklahoma or some other US state, you also have to be careful that it is prepared and includes all the information that must be there – according to the laws of the state where the transaction is going on. 

Where to Submit this Document?

A Car Bill of Sale form, after being filled out and signed, needs to be there in two copies. One should be there with the buyer, and the other one – with the seller. When you sell anything else other than the car, you have to offer a Bill of Sale form which is used for financing the transaction. In specific situations, it can be held along with the records. You might have to offer this in the tax reports as well. This is due to the fact that Bills of sale can be obtained from the government agency of the city, which is in charge of managing any vehicle that you might have – whether boats, trucks or cars. You must check with the authorities in your state, and find out where the document must be submitted.