How Can I Track My Parcel with Tracking Number

Whether you’re receiving a single item or shipping dozens, FreightPrint Tracking offers information about your shipment’s status throughout its journey. When you utilise our enhanced monitoring tools, you’ll feel secure and at ease knowing that you get the most up-to-date information.

Freight Tracking provides various tracking options and simple methods to keep informed of current status, unforeseen delays, and, finally, the delivery of your package.

  • Track with Tracking Number

When generating a shipment, you may provide a tracking number, such as a customer number or purchase order number (up to 35 characters), to assist in tracking shipments.

  • How to Track?

Log into your account to view up to recently tracked shipments. For convenient access, you may save up to 50 tracking numbers in your Monitoring History table. This is also where you may add or edit a shipping description for quick identification.

If you have any issues regarding tracking your package, please contact our Customer Service team. They can also explain any tracking details that are confusing to you. You can contact them here.

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  • What is Software?

The FreightPrint Order Tracking software is designed to improve the shipping experience of consumers. Customer relationship management (CRM) technology is a key element in strengthening customer relationships. The combination of Salesforce with FreightPrint creates a valuable tool for any logistics firm that utilises Salesforce.

FreightPrint checks shipments using exclusive mobile and cloud technologies and provide real-time alerts to all relevant parties whenever there is any significant movement. And if you’re a freight business, don’t worry about spending time setting it up – it simply takes a couple of minutes to get started, and then the software runs in the background automatically.

With FreightPrint, you get meaningful, revenue-generating tasks to complete. Allow it to track your shipments and quickly share the information with your customers. Provide customers with more information without having to wait on the telephone or radio a driver. Furthermore, you will be able to free up your personnel for other tasks while improving customer service.

The drivers do not need to do anything other than check into the app. They won’t have to worry about it depleting their battery because it’s operating in the background. They will also receive useful notifications, such as when they drive past their destination.

  • Key Benefits
  • Real-time tracking of your delivery
    • Automatic notifications on the progress of your shipments
    • Loads should be dispatched to your logistics suppliers.
    • Make QR code labels that can be scanned for convenient tracking.
    • Customers can monitor their shipments if you provide them with tracking information (without limiting it to UPS, FedEx etc)
    • For proof of delivery, an electronic signature and a photograph are required (POD)
    • Load matching with third-party carriers or brokers is possible (Bidding and booking)
    • Your carriers should provide you with electronic freight invoices.
    • Include a shipment tracking widget on your own customer-facing websites.

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