Hoarding disorder – How to help a hoarder get rid of things

A hoarding disorder is a mental health condition that is clinically recognized. According to mental health professionals, hoarding disorder entails having a hard time eliminating or discarding possessions which may include items with no value. If someone suffers from a hoarding disorder, the thought of parting with the items in their possession may cause distress.

Since hoarding disorder can negatively impact an individual’s life, let’s look into how to help a hoarder.

The following tips will come in handy if you want to help a hoarder get rid of things:

Develop a Plan of Action Entailing Cleaning Up

When a person hoards items, there will be clutter all over, and the overall state of the house won’t be appealing. In such an instance, it is important to clean up. To ensure the whole process progresses smoothly, you can procure hoarding clean up services. But the hoarder should buy into the action plan first.

The plan should involve criteria about which items are supposed to be discarded and which ones should be left behind. To ensure the elimination process goes smoothly, the items to be discarded can be kept in a specific area for a particular period. Taking such an approach will give the hoarder the comfort of retrieving certain items before they’re fully discarded.

Suggest Multifaceted Assistance

It is important to be in communication with a hoarder. Also, you should be non-judgmental during the whole process. After establishing a rapport with a hoarder and you feel that they can now trust you, suggest the benefits they can get from different types of assistance.

If you want to know how to help a hoarder, you need to ensure they get hoarding treatment in the form of professional therapy. Also, the hoarder needs practical assistance in eliminating and decluttering the hoard.

Keep in mind that most hoarders don’t perceive that they initially have a problem. As a result, you need to be patient and ensure you haven’t pushed the hoarder overboard by demanding them to eliminate their hoard within short notice. The best strategy for those wondering how to help a hoarder is to get rid of different items that make it possible for the hoarder’s home to appear more livable. By doing so, the hoarder will start to feel comfortable and experience a certain balance and normalcy in their life.

The Hoarder Is Supposed to be the Ultimate Decision Maker

A hoarder usually has a sense of ownership; as a result, they should be the ultimate decision made during the decluttering process. The exception only applies when the hoarder is mentally incapacitated and cannot comprehend everything that is going on around them.

Seek Professional Assistance

There is no need to take up the burden of assisting a hoarder on your own. Some experienced professionals can assist hoarders by offering therapy to help them deal with their disorder.

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Final Thoughts

Hoarding disorder has become common, and it has affected many people. Avoid being judgmental when you notice that one of your friends has a hoarding disorder. Afterward, take a suitable approach to help them declutter. Also, ensure they get professional assistance to deal with the hoarding disorder.