Facts to know before adding retinoids to your skincare routine

Skincare is often overlooked and considered unnecessary by many. But healthy skin is a big part of looking your best, and it also makes your skin healthier. The skin receives many beating throughout the day as it is exposed to the skin and environmental pollutants. 

However, taking care of the skin after the damage is troublesome, and a good skincare routine is the best way to prevent the damage. 

Many skincare products are formulated to treat the fine lines, wrinkles, and signs of aging or help with acne treatment. Products containing retinoids are a popular option. Understanding how to use retinoids and what it does is crucial before incorporating such products into your skincare routine. 

So, here are some facts about retinoids you should know before you add them to your skincare routine. 

  1. Retinoids can be used for prevention. 

A common misconception is that these products are only used by older people who have already developed signs of aging or fine lines. When you consider adding retinoids to your skincare routine, realize that they are not only meant to reduce the visibility of signs of aging but prevent them as well. 

  1. Retinoids can cause skin irritation. 

While there are a lot of benefits, there are some concerns too. Using a retinoid is essential, but one thing to keep an eye out for is that it may cause redness and irritation. Using too much too quickly can lead to dryness, peeling, or other irritation. Dermatologists recommend applying a pea-sized amount a few nights of the week. Starting slow will give your skin time to adjust to the ingredient. 

  1. Retinoids should never be used alone.

These products are the most effective and are better tolerated by the skin when used in a regimen with other products that include hydration, moisturization, exfoliation, and protection from environmental damage. 

  1. Do not start with a high-strength product.

It is a common misconception that a more potent dose of retinoid will be more beneficial, but the opposite is true. Starting with an amount higher than the recommended might cause more dryness and irritation than expected. Consider starting with a low dose and less potent options that you can buy over the counter. 

  1. Retinoids are not a daily essential 

Some people use retinoids every day of the week. It is neither advised nor necessary to use these products every day. However, a low percentage of retinoids might be helpful in a daily skincare regimen. One needs to understand their skin when using retinoids daily and if it causes any irritation, then apply the products only a few times a week, instead of each day. 

  1. Perfect timing matters.

While understanding how retinoid products should be used, it is essential to know when they should be used. As the timing of application can make a lot of difference. It is highly advised to use retinoids at night as, during the day, retinoids can increase the sensitivity of your skin to UV exposure and can also be neutralized by sunlight.

Since the skin recovers during the night, it is the best time to apply retinoids, as your exposure to the elements is eliminated, and your skin is in the natural state of healing. These are some of the facts one should know before adopting to use a product containing retinoids to your nighttime acne treatment regime or beauty skincare routine.