Drake’s Virginia Black: Is It Worth It?

Drake seems to have the Midas touch. The Canadian rapper is one of the richest people in the music world, but his richest is not confined to making popular music alone. He has several businesses that contributed to his $150 million wealth. If you have that much money, you can choose to sip a glass of virginia black every night if you want to. 

The 34-year-old rapper owned this brand of Bourbon whiskey made in the US. It was a collaboration between Drake and DeLeon Tequila founder Brent Hocking. But there could be more to this best-selling whiskey brand than what meets the eye. 

Virginia Black Origin 

Drake joined the elite list of hip-hop superstars who decided to release alcohol brands. The list includes Sean “Diddy” Combs, who came up with Ciroc, Jay Z’s Armand de Brigand Champagne, and Effen Vodka from rapper 50 Cent. 

According to reports, the rapper and his partner met in 2011, and the two became close due to their shared love for basketball, music, and drinking. They started toying with the idea of releasing a whiskey line and released it in 2016. 

The drink had a groundbreaking debut in Canada’s Liquor Control Board of Ontario. It initially sold 1,779 on the first day of its release. Within its first year, virginia black sold 30,000 cases of whiskey. 

Flavour Profile 

Plenty of people loved the drink because of several reasons. First, the bottle itself was visually appealing. It features distinct gold accents, and diagonal ribbing etched on the glass that provides charming mid century appeal. 

The whiskey also comes with smooth and buttery notes with hints of maple syrup, mild oak spice, and popcorn. It also has a sweet and pleasant taste. The sawdust and creamy vanilla profile provide perfect flavour in the mouth.  

Price Range 

Virginia Black is intended to be enjoyed by everyone, which is why Drake and Hocking gave it a reasonable price tag. It may not be the cheapest one in the market, but it does not belong to the high-end price range. 

If the cheapest bourbon is within the $20 price range, the most expensive ones can reach $100,000. Virginia Black is about $100 per bottle. 

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Popular Cocktail Recipes With Virginia Black

You can create a variety of cocktails using a bottle of virginia black. Some of the recipes that you can try include: 

  • Whiskey Sour – Mix two parts bourbon, one part lemon juice, half part water and half part sugar to enjoy the popular citrusy bar drink. 
  • Mint Julep – Another popular bourbon whiskey drink can be created using Virginia Black whiskey. You need at least ten mint leaves, half part seltzer water, four parts bourbon, and sugar. Add plenty of crushed ice for a better drinking experience.  
  • Amaretto Sour – This cocktail belongs to the classic category. You may mix Drake’s favourite bourbon with amaretto, lemon juice, rich simple syrup, and egg white. Garnish it off with two brandied cherries and a lemon twist for an added flavour. 
  • Manhattan – No bourbon-based bar drink will be complete without this iconic cocktail. Stir the bourbon with your chosen bitters and vermouth and top it with a brandied cherry. 

Virginia Black could be a reliable drink if you want to have a good time. This straightforward bottle of bourbon whiskey could be your liquor of choice without the need to spend thousands of dollars like Drake and his peers.