The corporate catering future – Does online meal delivery services have a stronghold?

There has been a change in the corporate catering scene over the past few years. It’s because the online food delivery companies are providing dedicated choices for corporate catering. The users who frequently opt-in for online food delivery services are primarily in the technology and pharmaceutical sectors. 

A few benefits of placing an order for meals comprise easy access to various restaurants. It also allows the corporates to compare their menu choices and cost across multiple restaurants on one website. Additionally, the meal delivery organizations also offer reward points to the employees redeemed on various eCommerce platforms. Furthermore, multiple companies are aware of the online food delivery forums. They provide all corporate users with multiple service options from daily office meals, catering for events, and food options for ad-hoc meetings. If you want to know more, you can opt-in for the Chef Crusco experience

Several caterers today compete for various corporate clients

Usually, there are two kinds of food delivery companies aiming for the domain of corporate catering. First are the online food aggregators, which is a concept that most people are aware of and use in their daily lives. These aggregators join hands with various restaurants and provide the employees the scope to order food from their choicest restaurant that the aggregators deliver to the concerned office. 

Second, the concierge catering providers join hands with the organizations providing catered meal menus and customizing individual meals according to employee requirements. Generally, the corporates opt-in for concierge catering, which has the benefit of ensuring restrictions on employee diet. It provides them an edge over the online food aggregators. Most category managers embrace this engagement model to deliver corporate meals. 

How can organizations place the correct order for their meal partner?

There are several ways in which the corporate client engages with meal delivery companies. When it comes to a multi-supplier model, an organization joins hands with two or more delivery organizations in a specific zone, based on the coverage of the restaurant and the delivery portal’s popularity in the region. It is a model that gets adopted widely because it provides more restaurant coverage. Also, by removing the stronghold of one meal delivery provider, there is better quality because of competition. 

However, the alternative, which is the one-supplier model, includes one company signing the master service agreement with a one meal delivery service for every office in a specific region. This kind of agreement gets signed for a particular duration. And here, the food delivery service offers greater customization choices and flexibility to the client. 

Today, the global meal delivery industry is anticipated to expand by 3.5% annually till 2021. And when one looks upon the increase in the tech-savvy individuals in the current workforce, there is a chance that the food delivery companies that cater to corporate clients will witness exponential growth in the forthcoming years. And as the employees search more than the office cafeterias for good choices in their meals without having to move out of the office – the future of corporate catering looks bright and promising.