Dainty Makeover Ideas for Baby’s Room

Are you preparing for your new baby without knowing how and where to begin? There is absolutely no need to fret. All we want is a clean and comfortable room for your newborn that needs constant care and attention. As a mom, you will be spending a lot of time in that same room. Decorating the baby’s room is probably at the bottom of your list now that you are faced with too many things to worry about. 

We understand that putting together the perfect room for your new baby can be daunting – given all the other things you might be preparing for. Truth be told, things do not need to be that stressful. Our expert designers have compiled together a few simple ideas to help you get started. 

Building The Perfect Nesting Room

As mentioned, things don’t have to be too complicated. Here are things you can do to build the perfect room for your new baby: 

Pink Details

Don’t you think cotton candy and bubblegum hues look good together? Adding pink accents to your baby room decorations will give the room an instant coziness and a baby-friendly kind of escape. Some designers claim that there’s science behind the choice of color pink as an effective stimulus in a baby’s space. Color Psychology declares that pink color brings out feelings of happiness, sweetness, and love. There are several EASY ways to incorporate the color pink in your baby’s room – you can either paint the entire room with a light shade of pink according to your liking, or decorate with pink flowers, pink stuffed toys, soft pink carpets, or rugs, etc. 

Create a Focal Point

Especially for busy, full-time parents, it is highly advantageous that they choose one item in the room that will bring out creative ideas instead of planning the entire theme of the nursery. For example, a baby crib, a changing table, or a cute wallpaper – let the item alone inspire your other choices in room decor. Let that one item determine the look of the space and create a focal point in the room that serves two purposes: aesthetics and functionality. Commonly, parents choose low dressers with flat tops or a traditional changing table. Whichever you prefer, make sure it doesn’t defeat the goal you’re going for. 

Opt for Semi-permanent Pieces

When picking out items for the room decor, it would be best to opt for pieces that your child can grow up with. A lot of practical parents would purchase a semi-permanent piece like a larger dresser instead of a regular changing table because it can still be usable even after the infant stage. This trick has saved a lot of parents both money and time.

Additional tips: 

In choosing items for the baby’s room, look for things that can provide essential benefits for your newborn as well as serve as decorative elements – such as: 

  • Beddings – aside from providing comfort to your child, baby beddings are also a fun addition to the decors you have around the room. Baby beddings usually come in different colors that are remarkably attractive to the eye, many beautiful patterns that add life to the space, and exceptionally soft materials that are ideal for baby skin. The same thing applies to pillows, sheets, blankets, etc. Choosing the right type of fabric is also very important since we want to make sure that they do not – in any way – make your child feel uncomfortable or cause disrupted sleep. 
  • Storage baskets – something to keep all the baby stuff together, freeing your space from clutter, at the same time, provide additional decorative benefits. Pick a good storage basket that is big enough to contain all your baby essentials. Place the basket beside your baby’s crib to make sure that you have everything you need within reach. This is perfect for storing extra blankets, burp cloths, toys, feeding bottles, etc. 
  • Rocking chair – although we are keeping things simple, clean, and babyproof, it’s not illegal to add a little furniture in the room. A functional rocking chair is a great example. A comfortable rocking chair allows the parent to sit and relax while feeding the baby, or when rocking the baby to sleep. The rocking motion helps soothe the baby, allowing it to sleep faster and soundly. Rocking chairs are a great addition to your baby bedroom pieces that don’t take up space for no reason.
  • Night lights – at some point, you are gonna have to separate from your child and leave it alone – like during the night when it’s time for bed. It’s not going to be easy especially for new parents to be away from their baby. This is why we have baby monitors. Aside from that, night lights are a top essential item. Turning on a bright light when checking up on your child will only disrupt the peaceful sleep it’s having. The nightlight will help you avoid that.  

Draperies or Big Curtains

You can never go wrong with big curtains, the ones that go from the ceiling to the floor or from one wall to the other. This creates an illusion of a bigger or wider space as well as adds a generous pop of color. If big curtains are too pricey, you can always DIY an inexpensive drapery with materials you can probably find lying around – or from a craft store. 

Invest in Canvas Photo Prints

Canvas photo prints are ideal when decorating a room on a budget. Aside from the fact that they are inexpensive, canvas pictures can also be customized according to one’s creative preferences. It’s not just for grand paintings and drawings, it can also be your favorite photographs, poems, lyrics, or specific prints. 

Give your nesting room a touch of personality by decorating it with canvas photo prints for your new baby’s room. Elephantstock offers a variety of choices when it comes to photo prints that will be excellent for your new baby’s room. 

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