Custom Your Shirt Digitally – 5 Tips for a Cooler Look

Custom your shirt digitally is a global trend because of its convenience, aesthetics, and uniqueness. With Print on Demand technology development, it has never been easier to design a shirt yourself. Now, even those who do not have basic design knowledge can own their own branded shirts.

However, not everyone knows how to design a cool shirt. This becomes especially difficult for those unfamiliar with design tools. However, the truth is that custom T-shirts are more straightforward than you think. Read the article below to know five super excellent shirt custom tips from design experts!

Spend much time looking for creative inspiration

The soul of a custom shirt lies in the meaning you want it to carry. Therefore, the most important thing when starting a design is to spend much time doing thorough research. You can search for the keyword you need on google images or image social networking sites like Pinterest. You will see hundreds of thousands, even millions of results, in just one click. Take your time to explore and choose your favorite style.

If you don’t have any ideas, don’t worry too much. You can use free templates online. Many POD sites like Custom Ink or RareCutom offer thousands of free templates in a variety of styles. All you need to do is make a little tweaking to customize these templates. You can change the font, change the color of the image, enlarge or reduce the icons. Just a little remix, the shirt will be entirely your own style.

Prepare artwork carefully

No one wants their artwork to be broken or distorted after printing. This will heavily affect the aesthetics of the shirt as well as your fashion style.

Therefore, to get a satisfactory custom shirt, do not forget to focus on the design and preparation of artwork.

Here are the do’s and don’ts when preparing artwork for t-shirt printing.

Should not:

  • Send image files that are too small or too large. Small image files affect image quality. The image file is too large and takes a long time to process, making it difficult to preview.
  • Select unsupported file types
  • Choose a low-resolution photo


  • Select artwork at 300dpi and if possible, choose RGB for better results.
  • Choose the file types that are supported on the platform you use, recommend using the image file.
  • Choose high-resolution photos to avoid image breakage when printing.

Imagine the artwork on your shirt.

An essential tip for a smoother design is to close your eyes and imagine the artwork printed on your shirt. The plan will look different on the shirt and the screen, so don’t skip this step.

If that still doesn’t get you to imagine your shirt, try mocking it up on a picture of a model. Make sure your artwork looks balanced on an actual shirt. If necessary, you can test print your design to check colour, brightness, and contrast. Design an artwork that makes you really happy, looks harmonious on the mockup t-shirt, and then decide to print the shirt. Once you have received the product, you will not be able to change any more details. Therefore, being attentive to detail is very important when designing a custom shirt.

Save time by using a reputable POD website.

Designing a shirt yourself from A-Z can take more time and effort than you think. Not only design, but you also have to choose a printer, choose the suitable fabric and printing technology. To get the fitting shirt, you will need to leave many notes for the printer in many cases.

In addition, the single printing of 1-2 shirts will also make it difficult for you to choose a printer. Very few quality printers accept such small orders. And if so, you will also have to pay a much higher fee per shirt than usual large orders.

Therefore, the advice is to choose a reputable POD website and use its services. Usually, they will help you with all the printing and shipping-related things. Therefore, you just need to focus on being creative.

Some reputable POD websites to customize your shirt digitally today include:

  • UberPrints
  • RareCustom
  • CustomInk
  • Tee Fury

Currently, on the market, there are many POD web stores with different advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, carefully consider the purpose of use, price, delivery time, and product quality. That way, you’ll find the place that works best for you. Then you can be creative and ready to receive a unique custom shirt with the same quality as buying at the mall.

Get feedback from people you trust

It’s always good to have input from people you trust to perfect your design. At the Design Lab of some POD websites like RareCustom, you can add collaborators to your designs. Or you can save the design and share it with your friends for comments. RareCustom allows users to share their designs via email, text message, or post them directly to social platforms like Facebook or Twitter.

However, accompanying creativity can sometimes bring unpredictable consequences. Controversy can always arise when it comes to ego and personal opinions. Therefore, only ask for advice from people you trust, listen to and consider carefully to make appropriate adjustments. Otherwise, your shirt will definitely become a disaster when combining the opinions of too many different people. And that’s not your custom shirt anymore.


Above are five tips for you to customize your shirt digitally and get a more fantastic look. A simple, always on-trend T-shirt is an excellent item, a little bit of yourself on it will make it even better.

Hopefully this article will provide you with helpful information so that you can design your own shirts. And we also expect that shirt will help you speck your inside voice out, be confident, & ready to show off your difference.

If you have any questions, leave a comment in the box below, we will reply as soon as possible. And now, it’s time to start your fantastic design!