Complete results of the Eesti Laul unveiled

This weekend Estonia chose its representative for Turin, in its traditional Eesti Laul. Stefan and his song “Hope” won, but now it’s time to analyse the results in detail, from the quarter finals to the super final three. If you want more exposure for your channel, make sure to buy soundcloud plays and get started.


The Eesti Laul 2022 had ten finalists, where the three most voted, equally between jury and televote, went to a super final, where the televote exclusively chose the winner.

As for the jury’s results, Minimal Wind swept the first place, 16 points ahead of Stefan who came second, the third place for the jury went to Anna Sahlene, who finally failed to reach the super final. The fourth place, only three points behind, went to Elysa.

As for the televote, Stefan swept with 19,641 points, where the second place was won by Elysa with almost 4900 points difference, the third place was very close and it was Minimal Wind who managed to sneak in with 7699 points, very close was Black Velvet with “Sandra” with 7463 points.

Therefore, the super final had two clear finalists, Stefan and Minimal Wind, as both were in the top 3 of both voters. Anna Shalen who was third in the jury could only finish fifth in the televote, therefore Elysa who was second in the televote and fourth in the jury got the last place in the super final.


The super final was only decided by the televote and there Stefan swept where he got more than 60% of the votes, taking 18,000 votes to Minimal Wild who came in second place. Far behind these two was Elysa, with only 4,000 votes.


In the semifinals the system was similar, with the vote split 50/50 between the jury and the televote, the first four classified got to pass to the final directly.

Here we have somewhat more surprising results, Elysa passed as first semifinalist, thanks to the fact that in the televote she swept, however, for the jury she only managed to be fifth. The second classified Andrei Zevakin feat Grete Paia, again manages to do so thanks to the second place in the televote, which the jury left him in a low sixth position. Third place went to Stig, this one thanks to the jury, which boosted him to first place, while the televote sunk him to eighth place out of ten semifinalists. And the last place went to Ott Lepland, where again we have the divided taste, the jury gave him the third position and the televote a fifth place.

Kaia-Liisa Kesler, who got second in the jury, missed the pass to the final, because the public left her in seventh place, with an overall fifth place that was not enough. Merlin Malk was the jury‘s fourth place, but the televote ‘s ninth place finish left him in a decaffeinated seventh place finish.

On the contrary, in the televote Elina Nechayeva was third place, but the for the jury was the third worst performance of the night, leaving her in an eighth position. The same case happens with Helen, who was the fourth classified for the televote, but the jury penalized her with the last position.

The last place was decided by the public and with the two most voted in the final, the third ranked in the previous round, the public gave her their support again and Elina Nechayeva got the last place . The result of Merilin, who in the previous round got the ninth place in the televote and this time the second best score, was surprising.

Kaia, who got the second best score of the jury in the previous round, is in third place, improving the seventh place achieved in the previous round, this result would have allowed her a place in the final in the previous round.


Stefan was already showing his talent and managed to win the jury and televote votes by a landslide. Second place in the final went to Anna Sahlene, who won second place in the jury and second place in the televote. The third place went to Black Velvet, thanks to the third position of the televote and the fifth position of the jury. The last place went to Jaagup Tuisk, with the support of third place from the jury and fifth place from the televote.

Maian’s fourth place in the jury was not enough to reach the final, with an eighth place in the televote. The four televote qualifiers matched the finalists.

The last place was taken by Minimal Wind, revalidating the results achieved in the previous round. Evelin Samuel got the second place, significantly improving the sixth place of the previous round . And finally Maian got the third position, also improving the seventh position of the previous round.


Estonia began its quest to find its candidate for Turin with the quarterfinals. Four quarter-finals with ten nominations in each gala, where they were chosen through video clips. The televote chose three semi-finalists and the jury two.

With more than 8,000 votes per gala it was a success, and where the favourites were already beginning to emerge

In the first quarterfinal Boamadu won the televote, an effect that was diluted in the semifinals, being Stig the second favourite, something he managed to revalidate when he reached the final.

In the second quarter final there was practically a tie between Andrei Zevakin,Greta Paia and Triin Niitoja . In the first we have the face as they managed to reach the final, while Triin fell in the semifinals in the last positions.

In the third quarter-final Stefan was already sweeping the rest, with Elina Nechayeva in second place. In this semifinal both candidates reached the final and Stefan finally won.

And finally in the fourth quarter final, Black Velvet, Ott Lepland and Elysa were the most voted and again became finalists.

Estonia participated for the first time in the 1994 festival. The country has won the contest once, in 2001 with Tanel Padar, Dave Benton and the group 2XL with the song “Everybody”. Since the introduction of the semi-finals in 2004, the country failed to qualify for 5 contests in a row. Its last best position in the contest is in 2018 with “La Forza” by Elina Nechayeva achieving an 8th place in the final in Lisbon.

In 2021, Uku Suviste, failed to qualify for the final finishing 13th with 58 points in semi final 2 with the song “The Lucky One”.