Complete Guide About Ostomy Skincare

Skincare is an important subject that deserves time and focus. This is a well-known fact too. Skincare was one of the biggest general hits of the last year. If you have an ostomy bag, however, you might need to pay a little more attention to your skin.

Here are some tips to help you take care of your skin with an ostomy.

Ostomy Skin Care Tips

Product Usage

For your other skin, you may use normal skincare products such as cleansers, toners, moisturizers, and whatnot. However, when it comes to your stoma, treat it differently by applying only the necessary things. Some things you should avoid are soap with lotion, anything with alcohol, lotions, and creams

Do not try new products around your stomach or on your peristomal skin. Treat that skin as extremely sensitive to avoid problems. By the way, check out these hydration tips for ostomy bag wearers.

Your Ostomy Bag and Your Skin

When your stoma bag is fitted the right way, the skin barrier will fit your stoma perfectly. If this isn’t the case, skin problems may occur. In addition, the wrong placement of your stoma bag could result in folds on your skin. This is bad for the skin around your stoma. In addition, it could cause a leakage.

Your Peristomal Skin

  • The most important thing that you should know is that your normal skin and the skin around your stoma (peristomal skin) shouldn’t be treated the same way.
  • If the peristomal skin is dirty, clean it gently with water. This should be enough to get it clean.
  • If your peristomal skin is too dirty to be cleaned with only water, you can make use of very mild soap. If you have a soap-free or mild facial wash, you can make use of it. Be sure that whatever you use is very easy to get off and will not leave a film on your skin.
  • Remember that if the skin around your stoma gets injured or damaged, your stoma can be affected. If you notice any itching, swelling, redness, or irritation around your skin, speak to your doctor as soon as possible.
  • Your peristomal skin can be damaged by constant creasing or leakage of your ostomy bag. Try as much as you can to avoid these things.
  • Constantly inspect your skin so you can notice any change in it soon enough. The skin around your stoma shouldn’t feel any different from the other skin on your stomach.
  • Ensure that you do not strip your peristomal skin. Stripping happens when the skin barrier is removed without care or with speed. It can also be caused by constant friction.
  • Avoid pressure against your ostomy and your peristomal skin. Pressure could lead to terrible problems and end up in an infection.

Final Thoughts?

Living with an ostomy can be quite a challenge. This is because the peristomal skin is sensitive and needs to be treated as such.

It is important to go over any concerns with your doctor and carefully adhere to any instructions given.

Lastly, you can live a healthy and full life with an ostomy bag. Do not forget that.