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How to Clean Up After Renovation

Most people on television commercials showcase the simplicity and ease to renovate or remodel a home. Those trained professionals can clear an old property and completely transform it into something fresh and gorgeous within a day! Those commercials, on the other hand, never seem to depict how much work goes into cleaning up after a significant remodeling or simple renovation project. Renovation projects can be both complex and fun, depending on the scale and scope of the project. Once the project comes to an end, the biggest task is to complete the cleanup! What we don’t realize is that junk is easily accumulated, waste like large debris, dust, broken furniture, and other unwanted materials can become difficult to clean up. Although the end product is always rewarding, cleaning up after all that construction work is a vital part of the process. Have you ever wondered how long it takes to clean up after a renovation project? Or are you looking to hire a professional service for junk removal in San Diego? Then you can hire Dog Junk Removal, our team of trained professionals will be there to help you with every step! 

 Let’s look at a few ways to clean up after your renovation project:

  1. Remove Trash or Debris Remains

Are you searching for junk removal in San Diego  or for post renovation junk removal services? Well, don’t worry, JDog Junk Removal will be happy to help with all your junk removal. One of the major problems post renovation projects is the construction dust that is collected. Don’t allow the dust to collect as it can quickly accumulate and can become difficult to remove. You should invest in proper cleaning supplies, and materials to combat this issue. Remember to check and replace your air vents on a regular basis so it will help to filter the dust. While contractors make every effort to remove any remaining hardware or waste from a renovation project, they nearly always miss something. With the help of JDog Junk Removal you will not find any stray nails, screws, and other items that don’t belong in a freshly remodeled home.

  1. Clean Your Floors

Your floors are the primary victims of all the clutter that accumulates. Vacuum and mop them on a regular basis to keep them clean. Do your homework and purchase the appropriate cleaning materials for your floor type. Sweep and mop the hard surfaces to remove any dust that may have remained after a thorough deep-cleaning.

  1.  Wipe! Wipe! Wipe!

Following a remodeling project, it is critical to clean out all surfaces such as doors, knobs, handles, and hardware. To maintain a clean and dust free house you should regularly clean all of the shelves, cabinets, and kitchen appliances. Always remember to sanitize your bedrooms, bathrooms, and vacuum the ceilings of your walls.

  1. Clean Everything

Make certain that you not only remove any construction debris, but that you also thoroughly clean your entire home. Construction junk can be harmful and hazardous, thus it is critical to clean all nooks and corners of your home, even if no renovation projects have occurred. Clean all of your lighting fixtures, decorative objects, clothing, and other belongings thoroughly. While you may have moved a lot of objects out of the house (or room) while the renovation was going on, the items that remained may be dustier than usual. So, dust off all your belongings. If you are looking for someone to haul away your unwanted things, you can simply hire JDog Junk Removal to dispose of your junk safely.

  1. Light Fixtures and Ceiling Fans Should Be Wiped Down

One of the major issues with these renovation tasks is the dust they produce, so always remember to start at the top with light fixtures and ceiling fans and work your way down to ensure that every surface is dust-free.

  1. Walls Must Be Cleaned

Obviously, any cleanup should include service for the cleaning up for walls. If the walls and moulding have recently been painted, you should always dry dust them. Otherwise, you can simply use a damp towel to wipe down the walls.

  1. Upholstered Furniture Should Be Cleaned 

Hard surfaces are relatively easy to dust, but upholstered furniture can be more difficult. Even furniture that was wrapped during the job can become filthy, so make use of a variety of vacuum extensions to get it as dust-free as possible. The same may be said of carpeting. Just start with the vacuum cleaner on carpeted areas after everything else has been dusted, leaving only dirt on the floors.

  1. Replace the Air Filter

Finally, after a major renovation job, it is recommended that homeowners change their air filter. During a remodeling process, your vents will almost surely accumulate dust, so you unscrew and remove them to clean them with soapy water before filtering it out. Painters sometimes forget to replace them while working, but with all the foreign debris floating around the house after a remodeling project can be extremely harmful, a new air filter can help keep your air fresh and clean.

  1. Hire a Junk Removal or Cleaning Service Company like Jdog Junk Removal

IIf you don’t have the time and energy to clean up, it is best to hire a professional company like house cleaners Woodinville who can do the job for you. Here at Jdog Junk Removal, we are a team of professionals who can help clean up your mess. We offer both commercial and residential  junk removal in San Diego and can haul away all of your unwanted belongings. We also assist with labor services in rubbish removal to help you safely move large items around your home, sparing your back, furniture, and walls. To arrange a service, call 844-GET-JDOG today.