Cat Breeds That Suit Your Personality

One may be a cat person or a dog person, or both. Whichever you are, we always choose what will complement our personality. If you are planning to get a pet, you have to understand a lot of details first because this is one serious decision, it’s like adding a new member to the family, and you have to take care of them as long as they live!

Selecting Your Pet

Usually, when we choose our pets, we decide based on their appearance- their fur/coat/skin color, eye color, the shape of eyes, shape of ears, shape of the body, etc., but there are a lot more than that (see here). Other factors that you need to consider are genetic predispositions and their behavioral tendencies.

Genetic Predispositions

Genetic predispositions, also known as genetic susceptibility, are a condition wherein one has the potential of getting certain diseases because of their genetic makeup. This condition is when one inherited a particular genetic variation from their parents. However, this genetic predisposition does not cause the disease, but it does significantly contribute to it.

This is highly to be considered and checked because when you buy or adopt a pet, it means you will be taking care of him or her forever! This includes taking care of him, especially when he will get a certain disease in the future. This is why it is encouraged that we check the parents or have them checked by the veterinarian if they are physically healthy or if there are possible problems with their genetic composition.

Behavioral Tendencies

Behavioral tendencies are the ways in how one reacts to certain stimuli or the possible actions or functioning systems that one would show under normal or specified circumstances.

This can be seen in how a pet reacts when you communicate to him or by just watching him for an extended period to see how he behaves.

This is very important because you have to choose a pet that behaves the way you want him to behave, and this is concerning your personality.

Choosing Cat Breeds According To Your Personality

Cats are known to be very moody. However, different cat breeds also have different behaviors. You may also check with Holistapet but below are some of the cat details you need to check. This list is a great help for you to choose the breed of cat you want to buy or adopt:


This is a cat breed best for extroverts because these cats are also extroverts. They are known to be very social, and their energy is at a high level. This is great for families with very playful kids (unless otherwise, they have allergies, careful with keeping pets). Also, these cats are attention seekers! You need to give them affection and play with them from time to time.

Aside from getting well along with their person, they are also sociable with other cats. Another amazing fact about the Abyssinian cats is that they are good at learning tricks.

American Curl

These are the cat breeds that are very friendly and are very much playful, especially with kids. If you have kids at home, this is a great choice. They also love waiting for you to go inside the house, greet you at the door and start playing with you.


Balinese cats are very talkative, and they will “talk” to their person all the time. If you did not spend more time “talking” to them, they would feel really sad, and they show it.

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This is one of the intelligent and active cats. They love playing fetch and learn new tricks quickly. If you are fun and outgoing, this is a great partner. They are also clever that they love playing puzzle games.


This one is great for introverts. They are not energetic like the Abyssinian, and they just love their quiet space and cuddle with their person. When asking for their food, they are very gentle with their “meow”.

Devon Rex

Its equivalent to people is those who love to talk all the time. This breed loves “talking” to their person and even wants to sleep next to them. However, even though they love talking very much, they speak softly.

Egyptian Mau

Another breed best for extroverts. These cats love to spend most of their time with their person, and they are very loyal to them. They also love playing with toys, especially those that are enhancing their hunting skills. Also, they are very sweet and affectionate.


Persian cats are prominent house pets. They look adorable and puffy. However, they are high maintenance cat breeds. You have to groom them constantly, so you will do great with this if you do not mind spending time grooming cats.


This is a breed of very thoughtful cats. They are very showy and affectionate to their person, and they want to sit next to them or in their lap all the time and quietly. This breed is also suitable for introverts.


Siberian is an ancient cat breed (link: This is a cat suitable for people who are clingy because Siberian cats are the type that would follow you everywhere you go.

These are just some of the many breeds of cats that you may choose from. If you love an active lifestyle with your pets, then go get active ones. If you are a couch potato, then get a matching energy pet. Make sure to think multiple types before deciding. Remember, this is a decision of a lifetime!