Business Techniques for Kiwi Entrepreneurs

New Zealand may not be on your list as one of the prime places to nurture your business. However, based on the 2016 World Bank Doing Business analysis, New Zealand is one of the easiest countries in the world where you can incorporate and operate your company. Here are 3 Business Techniques to secure your business future in New Zealand.

If you’re thinking of building, managing, and owning a business in the country, that’s a good choice to take since there are only a few regulations for you to mind. The truth is, through the use of the NZ Government’s online portals, the process of securing a name and organising your company can even be completed within an hour or so.

With that, this piece is made to deliver you a variety of beneficial clarifications that may urge you to pursue your plans on opening up or retaining your business in New Zealand. There’s nothing to worry about because New Zealand will welcome you with open arms whether you’re a beginner who’s searching for a place to give birth to your start-up firm, or an already experienced business owner set to dominate overseas. 

Learn the different variations of business structures used in NZ- Business Techniques

Planning to build an empire is easy, but first, you have to get over the rough roads before reaching your destination. That’s why in the corporate world, especially in New Zealand, it’s necessary that you choose the most applicable business structure for your firm – whether a start-up or an expanded one. 

As an entrepreneur, you must be aware of the commonly used business structures as well as their possible advantages and disadvantages to your future firm. The list below are the major 3 company structures you can choose from as you start securing your business’ future in NZ. 

Sole proprietorship

Sole proprietorship or sole trader is where you can manage your business with your own hands. This type of business structure still allows you to hire people, but as a trader, you are the one who’s in charge of controlling, operating, and owning the business. 

The main benefit of a sole proprietorship is that you’re authorised to the overall profit. Many Kiwi and foreign entrepreneurs opt for this type of business structure and shift into a limited liability business structure shortly as their firm develops. 

The sole proprietorship is also known to be the primary weapon in building and starting a company due to the given protection and other benefits that it offers.  


In New Zealand, a partnership is a type of business structure that’s most effective for well-experienced entrepreneurs as well as in the farming industry. If you’re looking for someone to share the future expenses with or planning to collaborate in one of the best firms you know, this type of company structure is a good choice for you.

A business structure in NZ- Business Techniques
A business structure in NZ- Business Techniques

Limited liability 

If you’re wondering what’s the most profitable company structure in NZ, the answer is the limited liability business structure. It effectively promotes confidence in the business by guiding the relationships between the investors/shareholders, directors, and creditors. 

Also, limited liability provides customers, investors, and other stakeholders a better representation of who and what they’re dealing with within the corporate world. 

Incorporating your firm in NZ- Business Techniques

With the help of the internet and access to the Government’s online portals, incorporating your business can be as fast as lightning. After determining your business structure as well as the feasibility of your business, business’ name, you’ll be given a New Zealand Business Number

Incorporating your firm in NZ - Business Techniques
Incorporating your firm in NZ – Business Techniques

Afterwards, you can now reserve your business name and register for Goods and Services Tax. You can also choose and start registering your trademark to have better protection of your business’ assets.    

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Get your business an accountant, lawyer, and bank

Since you’re embarking on a new chapter of your business journey, it’s highly suggested that you get your business an accountant, lawyer, and bank. It’s because setting up a new business in a new place isn’t an easy game to play. 

There will be tons of papers and legal obligations to iron out. And a reliable accountant, excellent lawyer, and credible bank can make a difference in just a snap. 

This trio is a lot of help not only to make your burden a little lighter but as well as for you to have people by your side whom you can refer to concerning the expected legal and financial obligations knowing that you’re still testing the waters in the NZ’s corporate world. 

Hiring more people to help you deal with business insurance, and provide you with the most helpful financial advice is also a must. Though business insurance is mostly seen as a liability to a company, it’s something you might not want to miss out on having when starting a firm in a place you might be unfamiliar with. 

The stated key points or given techniques above are only 3 of the major things you must know to secure your business’ future in New Zealand. Whether you’re a beginner in the corporate world or a professional business handler, these tips are for you to live for. 

If you have more on-hand knowledge and ideas that might help other readers feel free to notify us. We are open to hearing more tips and/or advice from you!


Kath Ramirez embraced the dream of being a writer since she was in 4th grade. She took it seriously and she now writes for Insurance Adviser New Zealand, one of the top financial and insurance companies in NZ.