Best Korean TV Series

While the South Korean TV and film industries have existed for more than a half-century, the last two decades have seen a surge in global appreciation of their excellent work, resulting in a landmark victory for Parasite at the 2020 Academy Awards. Are you interested in dipping your toes into K-dramas, or are you a seasoned fan searching for more top regarded instantly streamable options? Here are the best Korean TV Series available on Netflix right now, ranging from romantic comedies to superhero movies, zombie survival series, crime-fighting mystery thrillers, historical fantasy, and รวมซีรีส์. Choose a genre and relax in for a sprint, because we promise you’ll discover your next binge-worthy obsession here.

  • It’s Okay to Not Be Okay (2020)

An empathetic health care professional with a traumatic experience encounters a children’s book author with a personality disorder in this fairy tale. When they get to know each other, they develop a slow-burning romance that allows them to both emotionally recover and pass on. This romantic drama TV series was called one of the “Best International Shows of 2020” by the New York Times.

  • Sweet home (2020)

Shortly after its launch in December 2020, the Korean horror series climbed to third place on Netflix’s Top 10 chart. Many who like the zombie genre will enjoy this post-apocalyptic show about Cha Hyun-soo (Song Kang), who settles into a rundown apartment building after his family is killed in a car crash. Cha and his fellow misfit survivors must struggle to defend humanity as people in town begin to transform into horrific creatures of varying sorts.

  • Vagabond (2019)

Apologies in advance, but once you start watching this show, you’ll be binging it all night. That’s how addictive this Korean TV series is, featuring leading actor Lee Seung-gi as a stuntman who becomes entangled in a deadly web of greed and fear while trying to figure out what happened in the plane crash that killed his nephew. Vagabond has plenty for everyone in this spy-meets-thriller-meets-romance series.

  • Crash Landing On You (2019)

Crash Landing On You, one of the newest Korean TV dramas that have received a lot of attention in Korea, includes actors from Parasite. The series is a romantic love story about a South Korean heiress to a big conglomerate who crashes lands in North Korea while paragliding. But just don’t worry, she encounters a North Korean army officer who saves her and they start a love story amid the political turmoil.

  • Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung (2019)

Fans of Little Women would want to check out this Korean Television series. Set during the Joseon Dynasty, noble lady Goo Hae-ryung is 26 years old, unmarried, and battling for recognition for her work as a historian. Enter Prince Yi Rim, a dashing prince who secretly authors romance novels under a pen name. Despite the social threats, will the two find true love? You’ll have to wait and see.

  • When the Camellia Blooms (2019)

The star of this film, Gong Hyo Jin, has been called the “Queen of Romantic Comedies” by Korean media, so you guess it’s going to be sweet. When the Camellia Blooms is ultimately an amazing love tale told by a dizzying plotline involving a serial murderer, a single mother, social stigma, and small-town drama. Are you captivated? We’re on the same boat.

  • Chief of Staff (2019)

Are you a fan of the dramatic political TV shows The West Wing or House of Cards? The position of Chief of Staff will fill the spot. The movie, which stars an inexperienced government staffer who pulls the strings behind the scenes when attempting to rise to the top, will leave you guessing who will outwit the other.

  • Kingdom (2019)

The K-drama was the first Netflix original Korean TV series to broadcast on the platform, and it received excellent reviews. Kingdom does not easily fall into one genre, fusing political royals and supernatural elements into a dramatic TV series. Join the storey of Crown Prince Chang as he ventures on a quest to find and bring an end to a quickly spreading influx of zombies, with an A-list cast and impressive special effects.

  • Romance Is An Bonus Book (2019)

Focused on the hit American television series Younger, this Korean drama portrays a young and talented top editor at a publishing firm who becomes involved with a struggling copywriter who desperately needs a job. What happens as they know they have genuine feelings for one another? That’s what called: a fantastic rom-com.