Best Crossword Puzzles for Kids

As per the current situation, schools are closed, and online education apps are in trend. Moreover, this is because primary section kids need more attention and exposure than those of higher classes. It is their growing age.

During Quarantine, parents are worried about their child’s overall development. Apart from studies, they also need to be involved in extra activities, which would help to make their mind sharper. What if I tell you that I have come up with a solution.

Crossword puzzles are a boon for primary school kids. Parents can make them practice crossword puzzles to enhance their child’s reading and learning skills. In addition, teachers can use this as an addition to their course. Solving crosswords makes their vocabulary strong, gives exposure to new words, gives a better idea of general awareness, polishes their thinking ability, speeds up their mental processing speed, and helps them learn correct spelling.

You can ask your child to solve the puzzles on their own. It will boost up their problem-solving skills, and their concentration power also increases.

Given below is the list of best crossword puzzles that will be helpful to create online tests for your children. Let’s get started-


Learning the opposite word is as crucial as learning nouns and pronouns. Parents and teachers can use this puzzle to make children aware of the various opposite words.

Shape Names

It’s essential to know the shape of your child is in primary school. One of the best crossword puzzles that are good for testing your child’s knowledge about the different shapes is the “fun crossword puzzle.” Kids can answer by looking at the clues given in the form of a few letters of the shape.

Vegetable crosswords

Vegetable crosswords are best for kids to improve vocabulary. Children can learn how to pronounce the names of vegetables correctly. For example- cabbage, carrot, corn, cucumber, etc.

Kids can guess the vegetables by seeing the pictures and answering on the corresponding column number.

Food Names

One of the best and simplest ways to introduce your child to the world of food is the food names crossword puzzles. Different food items are shown, and kids can guess the food items by answering the corresponding number.

By solving this puzzle, children can learn the names of different food items, their tastes and will be able to understand the difference between the main course, dessert, and starters.

Body Crossword

Body crossword helps kids learn about different body parts and how to pronounce them properly by solving the puzzles. They can look at the pictures and answer the puzzle. It includes body parts like- eyes, nose, tongue, feet, hands, legs, and more.

Animal Name Puzzles

Solving this puzzle, kids will know about the different animal species like- reptiles, birds, primates, and mammals.

Kids can guess the name of an animal by looking at the pictures and answering the corresponding numbers.

Teachers and parents can use animal name puzzles to teach children the sounds of different animals, what food they eat, and whether domestic or wild animals.

School Supplies Crossword

School supplies crossword helps kids to know about different types of school supplies.

Kids can answer by looking at the pictures. It helps to know about different school supplies like a pen, pencil, crayons, notebooks, etc.

Guess the Colour

The color crossword puzzle is the most exciting way to teach kids about different colors like- red, blue, yellow, white, black, purple, green, etc.

In this crossword puzzle, Clues are given in the form of things associated with the corresponding colors. Example- sun for yellow, rose for red, leaf for green, etc.

Bedroom Crossword

This crossword puzzle will help kids know about different bedroom stuff like- pillow, blanket, bedsheet, beds, rugs, etc. They also learn how to pronounce things correctly by solving the puzzle.

Fruit Puzzle

Fruit is healthy food. Solving fruit puzzles, kids will identify names of different fruits like mango, banana, grapes, apple, etc.

Teachers and parents can make kids understand the importance of eating fruits and their taste with the help of this puzzle.

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Final Words

Solving crossword puzzles will make kids ‘ minds sharper and help them become good learners in the future. Parents can make their kids solve these puzzles at home.

Even teachers can include a daily session to make students learn about different stuff.

Crossword puzzles are the best way to gain their interest in reading and writing.