Creating fear in an environment and making the situation of the scare, in front of readers or viewers, is known to be art-house horror. Horror is the category of fiction that can create fear, .and if we talk about this horror in terms of art, then it is a sub-category of art film and horror films ตำนานสยองขวัญบ้านร้าง.

The art-horror film is based on the environment, cinematic style, buildings, creation of psychological character, and other terms. These horror films are full of the scare, like a story, atmosphere, and the characters development; these all combine to form Art house horror movies.

With the progress in all technology fields now, creating this type of movie is not difficult. Still, there is a period of competition, where to give different them to these stories is a little complicated. In this article, we talk about some art-house horror movies in a very expressive way.

  1. Climax horror movie

The story of this horror movie is on the top 10 dancers who are celebrating the last night, in which during their performances someone adds the acids into their drinks then the different scene is created in the movie which is horrible and full of fear. The use of camerawork and color theme is the same in the previous work, but the other things are new in the climax. This movie was released in 2018, and the name of the director of this movie is Gaspar Noe’ become famous for its unique explorations of artistic work in film. Purple lightsabers are among the most mysterious color lightsabers known in Star Wars.

  1. Suicide club

This movie is related to the Japanese story, wherein a time the rate of suicide is very high. The story of this movie is based on the traditional culture where the ghost was creating an adverse situation. In this movie,  schoolgirls, for making a fun jump into the front of moving train and then fear is developed all around the environment. The director of this movie has explored all the scenes theatrically.

There is a rocky horror in this movie, and it was released in 2002.

  1. Eraserhead 

This movie’s content recognized a child living with his father, and the child always remains in the condition of irritation and never be happy. Then the appearance of a lady in his house and story moves on and creates emotions of dread. this movie was shot in black and white, and the whole scenes of the film are incredible. This movie was released in 1977.

  1. Only lovers left alive.

The theme and content of this movie are beautiful and exciting. This movie is based on two married vampires. The lifestyle of these vampires is independent of each other .and both are feeding on blood banks of blood to reduce contaminations. The work art of this movie very touchable and with the fantastic sound that makes the whole situation of the cinema distinctive. In the film, there is fear of vampires created by using influential art of horror. It was released in 2013.

  1. Let the right one in

This horror movie tells us the story about the two kids; one is a weirdo, and the other one is a vampire, and both are creating the environment of scare and frighten scenes in front of viewers. In this movie, the whole theme is based on deep emotions where the classic work is done. There is incredible art housework, and full of emotions make this movie more scare and attractive.

It was released in 2008.

  1. Raw 

The story of this movie is based on two sisters, who are struggling for an obvious thing, that is an extraordinary phenomenon, in their work the way of their living is changed. The content of the story is exciting and thoughtful, which forces people to think about this point. Overall, the story and horror art which is arranged in this movie are appreciable. This movie was released in 2016.

Final verdict

Horror is the condition of fear, and utilizing technical skills to create something new with different content is referred to as art-house horror films. Art house horror film is the sub-category of art. This article explains the term art house horror and discusses some art-house horror movies in detail. We hope you like this article.