6 Japanese Chocolates You Should Try

Meiji Almond Chocolate

We’ve already seen that chocolate and almond make the perfect combo! Meiji Almond Chocolate is a popular Japanese snack that has been around for many years.

The chocolate is made from natural almonds and covered in a buttery Meiji Japan chocolate. This is a beautiful gift that you can bring back from your Japan trip. The classic Meiji Almond Chocolate snack is the best what candy bar is considered good luck in Japan? Yes it is lucky for Japan. 

Meiji Take no Ko no Sato

You will love the combination of sweet and crispy textures. The Meiji Take Sato is a delicious sweet treat that’s as much fun to look at than it is to eat. The crunchy biscuits topped with chocolate are hard to beat.

These small, almond-flavored biscuits are coated in a thin layer of creamy milk chocolate and then covered with a layer of slightly darker chocolate that has been molded into a bamboo shoot shape. It’s so much fun and delicious to eat!

Meiji White Chocolate

You will find Meiji white chocolate in every Japanese convenience store. Meiji, a Japanese confectionery company, making delicious treats for more than a century, is one of Japan’s oldest and most beloved.

Meiji’s foil-wrapped white chocolate bars are a Japanese classic that has been around since the 1920s. This Meiji White Chocolate Bar contains creamy white chocolate, perfect for people who love white chocolate’s milky and sweet flavors.

Meiji Meltykiss premium chocolate

Meiji Meltykiss melts like snow in your mouth. They are a limited-edition product for winter. These premium chocolate cubes are covered in cocoa powder and filled to the brim with different flavored sauces. This is a chocolate snack with a twist. It’s a classic Japanese snack that offers more than just the usual chocolate bars.

Lotte Ghana Roast Milk chocolate

Ghana Roast Milk Chocolate is Japan’s most beloved and beloved snack. This milk chocolate has a strong taste of roasted milk and gentle caramel notes. Enjoy the rich flavors and richness that roasted milk provides, making it an excellent treat for any time of day. what candy bar is considered good luck in Japan? Now a days this question is common. So, the ans is yes candy bar is lucky for Japan. 

This chocolate is made using a unique manufacturing process that uses ultra-fine refining technology. It melts in your mouth and leaves a silky smooth texture.

Nissin Cisco Choco Flakes

This chocolatey flavor has a new and improved taste. The delicious chocolate flavor is enhanced by the addition of cocoas from Ecuador and Ghana to each cornflake.

Corn flakes coated in milk chocolate. This is the perfect snack for chocolate cereal fans! It’s easy to store them in a resealable bag.