5 Reasons Why You Should Apply For PgCTL Course

Teaching is one of the most fulfilling careers available. Teachers may have a significant effect on their pupils’ lives. Here are compelling reasons to pursue a teaching profession. The Professional Certificate in Teaching and Learning (PgCTL) is a UK Level 6 teaching certificate designed to assist instructors in advancing their careers and creating high-impact teaching and learning environment in their classrooms.

This certificate was created in collaboration with thousands of teachers and industry experts with the goal of preparing instructors to educate millennials using 21st century teaching skills. It’s a great example of how to transition from a traditional theoretical knowledge-based teaching credential to future-ready skills and competencies-based teaching credential that has a direct influence on classroom teaching and learning. Not everyone is a good fit for the PgCTL programme. It is just for those who want to advance in their teaching professions but also for those  who fit into one of the following categories.

The stress of finishing the course, the stress of ensuring that kids comprehend, the stress of being judged by the administration, students, and parents, and so on…

With so much pressure from our numerous tasks, we sometimes lose sight of the goal of our work and get preoccupied with getting things done. Finally, we find ourselves in a pool of self-doubt and begin to overthink all the “Maybes.”

“Perhaps I’m not a good teacher…”, “Perhaps I’ll never be a good teacher…”, “Perhaps I wasn’t intended to be a teacher…”

Isn’t it relatable? We understand how difficult it is! Being a teacher may be stressful at times. You may believe you made the incorrect professional decision and have squandered years of your life!

That, however, is not the case. You are far more intelligent than this, as you already know. All you have to do now is refine your teaching abilities and concentrate on creating the attributes of a successful teacher. You can wonder what the necessary teaching abilities are.

These are the abilities that allow you to turn a dull lesson into an interesting one and engage with your pupils in a more engaging way. They’re referred to as “pedagogical talents.” These are taught in the professional certificate in teaching.

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What does a course of PG_CTL offer?

  •  use of diversified instructional tactics in the classroom.
  • Study about learning taxonomies.
  • connect student needs to learning objectives.
  • Recognize the importance of using learning styles, learning taxonomies, and action verbs when creating a lesson plan.
  • Learn how to leverage classroom infrastructure to create a positive learning environment for students in the teaching certificate courses.
  • Recognize the different types of assessments and how they are used.
  • use assessment data to track a learner’s progress, accomplishment, and achievement.
  • utilize reflection to help you grow as a professional.

Create the next generation of leaders

As a teacher, you will have the chance and privilege of moulding the next generation by giving them the skills and information they need to create their own ideas, contribute, and affect society in the future.

Teachers are responsible for much more than merely imparting subjectknowledge. A teacher’s role is to instil problem-solving skills, cooperation, foster initiative, and boost self-esteem in students. Being an educator is only one aspect of the teaching profession. You also become a trusted friend and confidante who can help a child’s emotional growth.

Develop your leadership abilities to advance your career.

Leadership skills are an important aspect of any teaching career, regardless of whether you plan to make your way through the teaching ranks or advance to a management role. Soft skills were cited as vital in a hiring choice by 57 per cent of 2,000 company leaders polled by LinkedIn in 2018. Employers rated leadership as the most valuable soft talent out of all the soft skills evaluated. Teachers are accountable for managing, leading, and guiding people and must maintain control at all times. Teachers who have had this kind of experience become wonderful leaders!

Feel a sense of belonging

The teachers who are well trained and understand the pain of the students are the ones who can deliver the best to them. You can connect with your students in the best manner and help them bring out the best from their knowledge and understanding.

Mandatory for the betterment of the students

Teacher education programmes are becoming mandated in an increasing number of states, and teacher unions are supporting these extra instructional resources as well. The opportunity to gain teacher education certification, enhance general abilities, improve overall organization, improve time management, increase educational technology expertise, and discover techniques to better encourage students have all been demonstrated as benefits of these new programmes. All of these factors have been linked to improved student grades and increased classroom engagement.

Brings out the best from a teacher

It should come as no surprise that if a student has a better understanding of the subject content and is taught in a more efficient manner, they will excel both in and out of the classroom and may even assist their school in achieving higher rankings. Creating an environment that engages students, makes them feel at ease, and encourages them to participate in classroom activities and ask questions results in a more successful and improved overall learning.

Teachers may extend their education, obtain critical skills not gained in college classes, and keep current with new practices by participating in teacher education programmes. Teachers must not only know their curriculum, but they must also be able to assist pupils in order for them to actually achieve the desired results. These programmes do exactly that, educate teachers on the most effective techniques to instruct and encourage pupils in order to get the greatest potential results.


A teacher may have finished his or her training and college degree without acquiring new approaches. When this happens, the content becomes stale and fails to make use of new techniques and technologies that have become available now. Today’s teacher education programmes provide innovative techniques for instructors to make their classrooms and curricula interesting, engaging, and instructional. They also provide access to innovative teaching approaches as well as continuing education for teachers. When you enrol in the PgCTL (UK Level 6 teaching certification), you will receive free access to six KHDA-approved MPDs, which include a KHDA certificate, UAE teaching standards courses, four Mock Pedagogy tests, help in writing the teacher reflection statement, and building of an E-portfolio.