10 Things to Know When Renting a Stroller at Disney World

Two things are for certain: 1). Strollers are non-negotiable must-haves for parents traveling with small children at Disney, and 2). Trekking across Disney by foot is not doable for young kiddos!

Indeed, the theme parks are enormous, and the amount of walking required to get through all the magic will undoubtedly leave your feet sore.

Having a stroller with you at Disney World can make everything that involves walking with your kids a whole lot easier.

It’s not just the parks that will tire out your tyke, but the walking to and from the bus, back and forth from the hotel room, and to and from the Dining Hall that will tucker them out!

These trips require convenience to keep your little ones happy. To make the process of renting a stroller at Disney World easier, here are ten things to keep in mind.

1. Renting A Stroller At Disney World Vs. Bringing Your Own

You can bring your own stroller or consider renting a stroller at Disney World while you’re there. There are, however, specific rules about the type of strollers that you can bring to Disney.

2. Strollers Must Be Portable For Public Transit

Your stroller must be collapsible to use public transportation. Taking the bus and going to and from your hotel will take more time if your stroller doesn’t collapse easily.

Strollers that can fold down or are somehow collapsible are much more portable than alternative styles, so always consider these options before settling on renting a stroller at Disney World.

3. Strollers Must Meet Airline Guidelines

Any stroller you bring via flying into the Anaheim or Orlando area requires that your stroller be gate-checked. Look into your airline’s guidelines to see what the height and weight limitations are for strollers.

If you’re not sure about your airline’s policies, it’s best to consider renting a stroller at Disney World or through a third-party company to avoid the hassle altogether.

Depending on the airline restrictions involved, not every stroller is acceptable.

Make sure that you do not have any liquids or items leftover from previous outings where you used your stroller. Airport security will not allow certain items to pass through the gates. 

4. Strollers Must Meet Disney Guidelines

Once you get to the parks, know that Disney also has regulations regarding the general size of strollers that are allowed into the parks.

Any strollers that are greater than 32 X 52 inches are prohibited. You also cannot bring in stroller wagons.

Always measure the dimensions of your stroller ahead of time so you can be sure that it will be accepted once you’re at Disney.

Again, if you are uncertain of the size of your stroller, renting a stroller at Disney World may be the easiest option.

5. Ask For Exceptions If Necessary

  • There are exceptions if the stroller is being used as a medical device. Guest services can assist you with these situations and help you obtain the pass you need to tag your stroller with.
  • If you plan to rent your stroller at Disney, make sure that you are going to a Disney location that has stroller rental accommodations.
  • Not all Disney parks provide strollers, so it’s best to find out what your options are ahead of time.

6. Using Disney Apps Can Make Stroller Renting Easier

  • To help you navigate renting a stroller at Disney World, look at the Disney apps that outline stroller rental sites.
  • You will be able to see which park areas have stroller rentals, so you can go directly to these areas once you check into the theme park.
  • You can also use Disney Apps to help you navigate certain dining halls that have spots for strollers to rest while you eat, as well as additional spots for stroller drop-off spots while you’re exploring Disney.

7. Disney’s Strollers Are Not Appropriate For Babies

Keep in mind that renting a stroller at Disney World is not the safest choice for infants, as the strollers lack sufficient padding. If you have a newborn with you, bring your own stroller or rent one from a company.

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8. The Costs Of Renting A Disney Stroller

Renting a Disney stroller costs money. If you bring your own stroller, you’ll save a bundle. 

  • If you plan to rent a single stroller, you will pay a rate of $18 per day.
  • If you need double strollers, those go for $36 a day. Depending on the Disney location you attend, the prices may vary.
  • At Walt Disney World, you will pay $15 each day for single strollers and $32 for doubles.
  • If you plan to stay at Disney World for a few days, discounts are often applied to the daily fees for renting a stroller at Disney World.
  •  If you have a large party of kids with you, you might be able to work out a discount as well.

Always keep your rental receipts safe so you can prove your payment each day that you visit.

9. Rent From A Third-Party Company

The costs for third-party rentals are about the same as Disney prices, but they do provide the added convenience of being more comfortable for your kids and being able to be taken with you once you leave the park. 

  • If you plan to rent a stroller from a company other than Disney, you’ll be able to take the stroller with you wherever you go and are not limited to Disney property.
  • You can even have the company provide drop-offs and pick-ups for your stroller, as many of these stroller rental companies make their money providing their services for Disney guests.
  • You can also have your stroller delivered to your hotel room to make things easier for you as you prepare for a day at the theme park.
  • There are many rental accommodations that third-party companies provide in Disney areas, so don’t hesitate to ask if you need help having your stroller delivered as you go about your trip.

10. Buy An Umbrella Stroller At Disney Shops

You can also find umbrella strollers at some Disney shops that you can purchase and take with you once you leave. Choosing this route eliminates any need for renting a stroller at Disney World in the first place. 

However, it is not always easy to track down these shops, so if you aren’t renting a stroller at Disney World, the next best option might be to rent a stroller from a third-party company.

Since you will end up keeping the stroller, it is more cost-effective than renting a stroller at Disney World.

Additional Things To Keep In Mind

1. Customize Your Stroller To Spot It

Remember to mark your stroller with a defining feature so you can recognize it as yours and prevent others from accidentally taking it.

Since all the rented Disney strollers at the park look the same, it is important to make yours stand out, just as you might decorate your suitcase for baggage claim.

Many rental companies will provide a nameplate so you can see who the stroller belongs to, but these can be hard to spot at the parks.

While renting a stroller at Disney World, be sure to add something visually obvious like a giant ribbon or balloon. This way, you can easily spot your stroller whenever it is parked near the others at a park.

2. Older Kids Benefit From Strollers

  • Keep in mind that renting or buying additional strollers may become necessary if your kids get tired and you are unable or do not wish to carry them as you walk through Disney Parks.
  • Even older kids can benefit from a stroller if they get tired from walking around in the parks.
  • The umbrella strollers available at Disney shops often work the best for these situations, as they allow for ample legroom for kids who are a bit older, usually for kids between the ages of 6-9 years old.

3. Choose Strollers With Shade Features

Rent strollers that allow for maximum shade if possible. Strollers for rent that have a cover folded over the top will keep the sun out of your kids’ eyes and prevent you from needing to reapply sunscreen to their faces as often.

Additionally, strollers with shading will help your kids stay cooler and less likely to feel cranky while spending a day at Disney. Strollers can also be helpful when grabbing food to eat, should an extra chair not be available.

4. Renting A Stroller Makes Shopping Easier

Assuming that you plan on doing some souvenir shopping during your trip, renting a stroller can make it easier to carry around your items as you explore. This alone is reason to consider renting a stroller at Disney World.

Make The Right Move And Cruise With A Rented Stroller

Before your trip, review the above ten things to know when renting a stroller at Disney World. For a convenient tool and the perfect naptime spot, make the right move and consider renting a stroller for your Disney vacation!